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PROS: Incredible amount of features. User friendly interface. Syncs with its OSX counterpart. CONS: None really.

My iPad already replaced my laptop in many ways. For example, I use my iPad to review all my e-mails, to browse the web on occasion, to stay informed about the current events, and to review Word and PDF documents. These are all the things that you can easily do with your iPad, and there is an amazing selection of applications on the iOS App Store which can help you do the job.

The thing is that I always like searching for a new application that could replace the one I am using at the moment. Here I am talking about simplifying the workflow, and replacing several applications with the one that could do the job I need. For example, when it comes to reviewing and editing documents on my iPad, I use Apple’s Pages when I need to precisely design a poster, while I use some other app to review PDFs and Microsoft Office files, and more. If you’re in the same situation as I am, keep reading this article and you might find a very good solution to this problem.

NoteSuite for iOS 2

In this article I am going to introduce you to NoteSuite for iOS. If you follow articles we post on MacReview, than you probably know that we already reviewed NoteSuite for OSX. This is all-in-one text editor which comes with a great potential, but performance issues and bugs prevented it from receiving high rating. As it turns out, its iOS counterpart can be even better solution.

NoteSuite for iOS combines several roles like note taking, text processor, task management, PDF annotating, and even file management all in one single application. It could be found on the iOS App Store for only $2.

Even though NoteSuite comes with many demanding roles, it somehow manages to balance them out and create a well-designed and unified experience. No matter if you’re taking a note or annotating PDF document, there’s always going to be the same interface so you’re going to quickly learn your way around.

NoteSuite for iOS 1

Even though I am not really fond of iOS apps which try to offer all-in-one, I need to say that I was pleasantly surprised with NoteSuite. Interface and gestures are very natural and intuitive, and even though you can really do a lot with this app, you won’t get overwhelmed in the process.

When it comes to note taking, you’ll be able to write text, make sketches, insert (and even take) photos, and you can also record audio. All of these elements can be easily aligned onto one page, with great flexibility. It actually gives you all you need within one iOS text editor.

As a task manager, you can use NoteSuite to create nicely looking to-do lists. You’ll get all you might possibly need like due dates system, custom reminders, and possibility to attach notes and documents.

Finally, there’s also another very import feature and that’s ability to annotate PDFs. You can actually convert Pages and MS Office documents into PDFs, review them and add annotations, and easily send them through an e-mail.

NoteSuite comes with an amazing number of useful features, so I would recommend heading over to its official website where you can see videos and learn more about this iPad app. If you’re in need of all-in-one office-type app, this application is currently the best choice.


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