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PROS: Very nice, simplistic interface. Can be very usable.

CONS: Can’t edit or remove bookmarks. Can’t recognize duplicates.

During the last couple of months I’ve noticed that design of some of the most prominent iOS and OSX apps started to change under the influence of iOS7 design. This means that more and more developers and graphic designers are trying to focus on a flat design instead of shiny graphic elements filled with gradients. I assume that we’re only at a very beginning of this practice, since I expect that OSX will adapt to flat design elements as well (even though this won’t happen in the upcoming OSX Mavericks).

In this article we’ll give you a review of an application that features very interesting flat design, and was developed under the influence of iOS7. I would certainly like to see more applications designed this way, which are focusing on functionality and that are trying to simplify user interface. This application is available for OSX and it is named Shiori.

Shiori 2

Shiori is designed for users of Pinboard and Delicious, and it can used to review bookmarks right from your OSX desktop. That means that if you’re a user of Pinboard or Delicious who’s searching for a new desktop client to organize and keep track of bookmarks, this application is worth the try. Also, it’s completely free to download and use.

Once you open Shiori for the first time, you’ll be immediately taken to the Accounts tab where you’ll need to enter your Pinboard or Delicious credentials. The Accounts tab is located in the Preferences, where you can also choose how many previously saved bookmarks you’d like to see, and this number goes from 1 up to 10, but you can scroll up to 50 in the main interface.

Once you’ve added your credentials, you’ll be ready to use this little app. It basically shows a list of recently added bookmarks, along with the title and tags which are accented with blue squares. As you can see from the screenshots, Shiori is very simple and flat, and it even uses iOS7 inspired Helvetica Neue font. Even its window has no borders, and it nicely fits into OSX aesthetics.

Shiori 1

This application is designed only for one action, so it’s important to know how much you can expect from it. You can add a new bookmark, and visit it any time you’d like. New bookmarks can be added using a keyboard shortcut which will grab URL of the active tab and open a new pop-up window where you can enter title, tags, and notes. You can even choose to which account that particular bookmark needs to be tied and if you’d like to make it private. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit already added ones. Also, I’ve noticed that when I added a bookmark which was already present in my account, Shiori wasn’t able to recognize it. These are all the things which could be easily fixed, and Shiori was just recently published so there’s time for change.

You can also set up keyboard shortcut to open Shiori so you can start searching for a previously saved bookmark. This feature comes with some novelties like using abbreviations and other quick ways to find what you wanted to see and read. Shiori comes with its own search algorithm which learns your inputs so it learn your habits.


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