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PROS: Nicely designed. Comfortable to use. Detachable keyboard.

CONS: Could be a bit more affordable.

Once you try using a wireless keyboard with your iPad, it becomes impossible to imagine using your iPad the old way. In combination with powerful iOS apps, keyboard can transform your tablet into a full featured notebook (or netbook, to be more accurate), since you’ll be able to fully experience web browsing, e-mail exchange, full-featured word processing, and much more. And by using a keyboard you can learn shortcuts and move around much quicker than before, which will certainly make you think about your iPad in a new way.

Adonit Writer Plus 1

When it comes to choosing the right keyboard, the choice is huge. They are using Bluetooth to connect with an iPad, so their price is going to be determined by their designs, materials used, and some exclusive features as well. As it turns out, iPad users are mostly interested in nicely designed, elegant, and very thin keyboards, which is something you can expect since iPad is designed that way. To help you with the search for your next iPad-compatible keyboard, we have reviewed some of the most popular models, and today we are bringing you yet another one.

If you were ever interested in purchasing an iPad-compatible keyboard, you must have stumbled upon Adonit’s range of keyboards. In this article we are going to talk about their latest model, named Writer Plus, which is priced at $100. This keyboard is compatible with the latest two iPad generations, but you can also find the iPad 2 compatible version which is slightly different than this one.

Adonit Writer Plus 2

The Adonit Writer Plus is different than other keyboards because it comes with its own shell case which protects your tablet when it’s closed. The outside of this case is made of some kind of rubberized layer, while the interior is made of soft suede. There’s a very strong plastic frame which keeps your tablet firmly in its place, and onto which this keyboard can be attached to. When it comes to the keyboard, it’s made of strong aluminum with island-style keys, while the back plate is made of plastic. This keyboard can be attached to the plastic frame, but you can also move it as you like which gives you much welcomed flexibility.

The Adonit Writer Plus works the same ways as an Apple Smart Cover, meaning that it comes with magnets which are there to make your iPad sleep or wake up. Simply pull one side until you’re satisfied with the viewing angle and you can start typing. Keys are very comfortable, especially for an iPad keyboard. You will be able to find all function keys, which come with dual role so you can directly access Spotlight Search or the Photos apps, and there are also keys for Home and Lock function, copy, paste, and media controls. There are also arrow keys, cmd, and crtl, so this is a full featured keyboard.

Pairing is quite simple, just like you can expect from the Bluetooh connection. The Adonit Writer Plus comes with a battery which could last for two week approximately, and you can use provided micro-USB cable to charge it.


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