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PROS: Quality made. Excellent pen for everyday use. Very reliable stylus. CONS: None.

When it comes to iPad-compatible accessories, there are some product types which should be considered as essential. For example, every iPad owner should have at least one reliable and nice looking case as well as a stand and a wireless keyboard. The good news is that there are many people who share my opinion, so today you can easily find a perfect combination of a case which also includes a wireless keyboard which is able of turning into an iPad stand. Also, for some individuals a good stylus is also much needed, since it can give you a complete freedom over data input and also gives you the ability to fully show your drawing skills.

AluPen Pro 3

In this article we are going to talk about a stylus which comes from a company called Just Mobile. This stylus is named the AluPen Pro, so if you follow our articles right here on MacReview than you can probably remember that we already reviewed the AluPen a few months back. This was a nice looking stylus which failed to impress us and whose functionality wasn’t in pair with its great design. Today we are going to take a look at its successor, the AluPen Pro.

What’s interesting about this stylus is that the AluPen Pro is combination of a regular pen which holds the Pelikan ink cartridges inside, but also comes with stylus-end on the other side. This is a very clever idea, and I really liked its dual role.

Like many other products created by Just Mobile, this stylus also comes in a nicely designed packaging. Inside you’ll find the AluPen Pro, a carrying case, and a rubber nib. There’s also a helpful installation guide which will give you some tips.

AluPen Pro 1

The AluPen Pro comes in hexagonal shape, which I really liked and appreciated, but I guess some people will prefer polished rounded edges, or some other combination. In general, I believe this is a very nicely designed pen, comfortable to use throughout the day. It also gives you easy access to the Pelikan ink cartridges. When it comes to using it as a stylus, you’ll be also very happy with this product. Its rubber nib is very good, and its consistency is just perfect for an iPad. I haven’t had any problems with it, and it always successfully detected different pressure and precise lines. As I said earlier, you can easily replace the capacitive tip, which means that you can use the AluPen Pro over and over again, both as a pen and as a stylus as well.

There are a lot of things to like about the AluPen Pro. It’s clearly very quality made, and works perfectly as a pen and as an iPad stylus. For a price of around $35 you can hardy find a better solution, and it’s actually very competitive even against some more expensive styluses, especially if you know this is not just a stylus but a quality pen as well.


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