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PROS: Completely protects your phone. Affordable. CONS: Adds a lot of bulk. Some design issues. Make screen less responsive.

Ever since the original iPhone was introduced, there was always a market for those outdoor-ready rugged cases. There are a lot of iPhone users who like outdoor adventures, or who simply need extra protection for their phones, so there’s a very good choice of available solutions. These cases usually cost more than regular ones because they protect the iPhone from all sides, so it takes a special technology to prevent dirt and water from getting inside the case. On the other hand, these cases need to allow you to freely use the touchscreen, so all of these roles can be in conflict and that’s why these cases are usually expensive.

We already reviewed several of those most popular outdoors-ready rugged cases, and today we are bringing you yet another one. This case is called the Guardian, and it’s made by driSuit. This company already has some experience in creating this type of iPhone cases since it already made very successful iPhone 4/4S case named Endurance. The Guardian is priced at $60, which is more affordable than most similar cases, so let’s see what this one offers and if you should buy it or go for more expensive solution.

The Guardian 2

Once you take it out of its original packaging, you’ll see that the Guardian is a two-piece case. Most cases of this type also come in two pieces, and those are their front and back pieces, but this this not the case with this product. With the Guardian you’ll get one large piece into which you need to place your phone, and there’s the other piece (the cap) which needs to be connected from the bottom side and firmly attached to the large piece via strong plastic arms that snap into place. The bottom part hides the headphone audio out, and comes with vents for microphone and the speaker. It’s important to say that these vents are designed not to allow any particles to get to your phone, but they won’t block the speaker or your voice which is rerouted to the microphone.

The top part of Guardian covers all the buttons, as well as the cameras and the screen. Most buttons and switches will work properly with this case, but you should expect some problems with the mute switch.

The Guardian 3

The main role of this case is to fully protect your phone, and it completely succeeds in this. No matter if you drop of your phone or if you throw into a pool, your iPhone will be completely dry, intact, and fully functional. On the other hand, this case is a lot more bulky that other similar cases, and there are some questionable choices when it comes to design. For example, there’s a small air gap between the surfaces, so the screen is not as responsive as you would expect. Also, its rubber material sometimes feels very strange in hand, so I assume some people are going to have a problem with this it.

The bottom line is that the Guardian will protect you phone and it’s more affordable than most rugged cases, but this comes with some compromises and design issues.



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