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PROS: Quality made. Offers good and reliable protection. Can act as a stand as well. CONS: Issues with design. Annoying lip on the back.

During the last couple of months I’ve had a chance of reviewing several products which were designed and are being sold by Griffin. This is a well-known manufacturer of third party accessories made for iOS devices, and some other handheld devices and notebooks as well. The products I’ve reviewed are a dock made to hold your iPad and iPhone at the same time (PowerDock Dual), and a very interesting accessory which lets you free you musical creativity (StudioConnect for iPad).

In today’s article I got a chance to review yet another product made by Griffin, and it’s named the IntelliCase. This is a case made for the iPad mini, and it’s priced at $30.

On a first look I think we all can agree that the IntelliCase is a nicely designed iPad mini case. It protects your tablet from all sides, and it is consisted of a flexible cover and a rigid shell which protects the back of your tablet. This shell is made of hard polycarbonate and provides excellent protection and also seems very resistant to scratches. It leaves open all iPad’s ports and buttons, giving you quick and easy access. If you take a look at the pictures you can notice a very large lip located on the back of this shell, and it’s used to convert this case into a stand, but more about that later. The other part of the IntelliCase is its front cover, which works the same way as the Apple’s SmartCover, meaning that it comes with magnets which put to sleep your iPad mini while not in use, and which can wake up the tablet once you open the cover. It’s flexible and comes with textured surface for easy grip. It actually feels very nice under the fingers.

IntelliCase 1

What’s important to say is that the IntelliCase is quality made and gives all-around protection to your tablet. In case you drop it by accident, I expect that this case will provide full protection from any damages. On the other hand, I need to express my concern about the magnets located inside the cover, which are strong enough to keep the cover in place, but not strong enough to keep it together during an impact. This means that if you drop it at some unusual angle, this cover might open and leave the screen of your tablet fully exposed.

As I said earlier, the one prominent feature of the IntelliCase is the lip found on the back. It is used to hold the cover after you fold it, creating a very sturdy and reliable stand. This is a very nice addition, and I guess that many are going to love it. On the other hand, as much I loved it I had the problem with the lip because its sticks out too much. It also can create a problem while you’re holding the iPad mini with both hands while reading a magazine, for example. I am not sure why designers at Griffin didn’t incorporate some kind of movable or retractable lip, which could fit back into the body while not in use.


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