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PROS: Beautifully designed. Strong and sturdy, yet lightweight. Compatible with any iPhone. CONS: Could be a bit more affordable.

During my time as a reviewer of Apple-related products, I’ve had a chance of trying out various designs and materials, and the way they behave in a final product. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the market still lacks quality and nicely designed docks, which are also iPhone 5 compatible.

There are numerous reasons for this situation, and probably the main problem was the Lightning plug and the way it needs to be positioned for an iPhone to be charged and synced. This was the problem which was solved by designers who implemented design of a dock without any cables, so you needed to place your own Lightning cable and create a dock for your iPhone 5. Even though this solved the initial problem, it also created other issues, so these docks were usually very nicely designed products, but which lacked some functionality.

MiDock 1

If you’re still searching for the perfect iPhone 5-compatible dock, this article will be of great help. I am going to introduce you to the MiDock, which is a very simple product, yet very efficient. This dock started its life as a Kickstarter campaign, but today you can purchase it right from its official website for about $50.

The MiDock is made of aluminum, and its body is made of one large aluminum part. This means that even though it’s very lightweight, the MiDock is incredibly sturdy and resistant to scratches and other damages. It actually feels very nice in hand, and gives that impression of Apple-designed product, no matter from which angle you look at it. Many companies need several attempts, or several generations, to create a product of high design value. That’s why I am so impressed with the MiDock, since this is one of those successful first attempts.

MiDock 3

Even though I really love its design, this is not the biggest selling point for this dock. As it turns out, it is fully compatible with any iPhone, no matter if it uses the Lightning or the old 30-pin connector. You simply take the cable of your iPhone and fit it underneath the rubber layer of the MiDock, onto which the phone is positioned. Once you’re satisfied with the setup, use the included hex-style screw to tighten the back of this dock so the cable stays in its place. This is actually a very simple design, but incredibly effective and solves a lot of design problems that I’ve encountered in similar products. On the other hand, this also means that you can use virtually any case with your iPhone, since now you can fine-tune the charging plug so it nicely fits any specific case.

Even after looking very closely at every aspect of the MiDock, I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s nicely designed, and can be used with any iPhone and any possible case. It can be also used with the iPad mini, even though it’s not really designed for this use. It seems a little bit overpriced, but it’s worth the money.


  1. Good review of the MiDock. I also have one and am very happy with it.

    One criticism that you haven’t addressed, however, is that the Hex Screw which tightens the cable into place damages/marks the head of the cable. Furthermore, the lack of a “back” support means that your phone is basically supported by the head of the cable itself (making it vulnerable to torque force breakage if you don’t remove your phone vertically).

    So I am reluctant to use pricey OEM or expensive aftermarket cables with this product.

    But otherwise, this dock looks amazing and functions very, very well.


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