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PROS: Very interesting product. Can be very helpful. Quality made.

CONS: None.

There are a lot of things to like about an iPhone and its photography abilities. As you probably know, from time to time you can see an online exhibit of iPhone-shot videos and photos which could easily compete with professional cameras. This is probably one of the reasons why there’s so much iPhone-compatible photography gear, which is being designed and sold by third party designers and manufacturers. You can find all kinds of lenses and flashes, as well as cases which could be mounted onto tripods for more stability. This corresponds well with a software side of iPhone photography, which means that you can find hundreds of photo editors with some pretty amazing capabilities.

In this article we are going to talk about a very small iPhone accessory which is there to fix possibly the only thing that I mind about iPhone’s Camera app, and that’s lack of timer function. This is actually a remote named Shuttr, which can be used to snap photos from a safe distance. It is priced at $30, so it’s very affordable, and it’s made by Muku.

Shuttr 1 Shuttr 2

Once you take a look at the Shuttr you’ll be reminded of an older Apple-designed remote. It could be purchased in black of white color, and besides color these two are completely the same. On its front side you can find a large concave button used to trigger the shot on your iPhone. Bellow this button you’ll be able to see a small LED light which will notify you if this remote is properly connected and if it’s turned on or off. You can also notice a small hole used to connect the Shuttr to a keychain. On one of its sides you can find a small switch. This switch can be used to choose iOS or Android mode, so even though it comes made for iOS by default, you can still use it with a very wide range of smartphones.

On the inside you can find the Shuttr’s battery, which is a standard button cell battery, which can be easily replaced with the new one. It is easily accessible and it will take only a minute to open the case, which is very sturdy and quality made.

Shuttr 1

Now let’s see how you can actually use this remote. Well, first you’ll need to pair it with your iPhone, and after the initial pairing this connection will be automatic. This means that every time you turn this remote on, it will automatically connect with your phone. In order to shoot a photo simply press that large button, and you’re done. What this button does is emit “volume up” signal, which is the volume button usually used to take photos. What’s important to know is that not every camera app uses this button to shoot photos, so you’ll need to check this out first. Most camera apps are using it, but for example Instagram isn’t, so beware of this.

The Shuttr is very simple product created for only one action. I’ve found it very useful in numerous situations, so I believe most iPhone users are also going to love it. After all, it only costs $30, so it’s not a big investment.


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