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PROS: Beautifully designed. Very quality made. Firm, sturdy, and durable.

CONS: Only one viewing angle.

If you want to fully explore all of an iPad’s abilities, you’re surely going to need a stand. This way you will be able to turn your tablet into a notebook, so you can attach a wireless keyboard and write documents or browse the web. There are numerous iPad stands available, and they come in variety of shapes and sizes, and prices as well. In this article we’ll try to ease up your decision of choosing the right stand for your tablet by introducing you to the Just Mobile’s UpStand.

We already reviewed some of the products which came from Just Mobile, and they generally received mixed ratings. What’s in common for all these products is they are very quality made and interestingly designed as well, so we expected the same from the UpStand as well. As it turns out, our assumptions were true.

UpStand 2

Once you get your UpStand, it will come inside a thoughtfully designed packaging. What I always liked about Just Mobile is that they are aware that their products will be used by Apple fans, so it’s important not only to design a beautifully looking product, but also to pay some attention to its packaging. It is actually a very nice experience pulling out the UpStand from its box, which is designed to offer a full protection for its inside. Once you take it out you’ll see that you’ve received a full featured stand that’s already fully assembled.

UpStand 1

This is actually one very simple iPad stand, but it’s thoughtfully designed. You’ll place your tablet onto two metal feet, which come with non-slip lining made of rubber. These long feet are able to hold your iPad in its landscape and portrait orientation. If you look from its behind, you’ll see those two feet are connected with a unified base which is bolted into two poles, which are later fused into the stand’s sturdy base. Every single piece of this stand is quality made and seems very durable. It’s also important to note that the UpStand is made of high-grade aluminum which means that it is relatively light, but very durable and scratch-resistant. It is priced at $50, and you’ll certainly receive one of the most quality made iPad stands that I’ve seen in the long time.

As we said earlier, the UpStand seems perfect for an office use, because it turns your tablet into a touchscreen display. This way you can easily write documents or create drawings using a stylus. Some people will also like that the UpStand features brushed aluminum and industrial design, which perfectly fits Apple’s wireless keyboard design, so you’ll get a system which looks like a genuine desktop computer.

The only thing I didn’t like about the UpStand is inability to change the viewing angle. I am aware that it would be very difficult to incorporate flexible feet into this design, but I somehow missed that. On the other hand, the UpStand features very comfortable viewing angle which is perfectly usable in many situations.


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