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PROS: Quality made. Very usable and functional. Backlit illumination. Long battery life. CONS: None.

When you’re searching for a new wireless keyboard for your iPad, there are some choices needed to be made right from the start. For example, in order to narrow down the choice of hundreds of available iPad-compatible keyboards, you need to decide which locking mechanism you prefer, what kind of key mechanism works the best for you, and what kind of additional features you’d like to see. Answers to all of these questions will lead you to the best possible choice, since when it comes to iPad compatible keyboards, not every product will fit everyone and the choice is incredibly large.

ZAGG’s lineup of iPad keyboards just received two new additions, and since we were happy with the ZAGG’s products until now, we decided to take a newly released keyboard for a test. These new keyboards are named ZAGGKeys Cover and ZAGGKeys Folio, and the main difference between these two is in the way they attach to an iPad. Both of these are made for the iPad mini, and they feature backlit key illumination. In this article we’ll focus on the ZAGGKeys Cover, which is priced at $100.

ZAGGKeys Cover 1

Just like the rest of ZAGG’s keyboards, the ZAGGKeys Cover is elegantly designed and features full keyboard with backlit illumination. It attaches to the iPad mini via built-in magnets and a curved hinge which firmly holds your tablet in its place. This connection works surprisingly well and it’s quite firm and sturdy, and I didn’t experience any problems with it. Perhaps the best side of this connection is that you can use your tablet at any possible viewing angle, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

Other than magnetic connection, this keyboard is made to resemble a notebook once you attach your tablet. The ZAGGKeys Covers comes with the same footprint like the iPad Mini, and it’s also a bit thinner. This means that it nicely fits with the tablet, and it’s clear that designers at ZAGG made a lot of effort and paid attention to details.

ZAGGKeys Cover 3

Besides its interesting design, this keyboard is also highly functional. Even though it’s quite small and made to perfectly fit the iPad mini, you still get to use all the standard keys. It takes some time getting used to it, but this is the case with any other keyboard of this size. Also it’s important to mention that keys come with backlit illumination, which is not something you can find with other iPad compatible keyboards. You’ll get to use one of seven colors of illumination, and three lightning levels.

Finally, a few words about the battery of the ZAGGKeys Covers. According to the official statements, you should expect up to three full months of standard use, and based on other ZAGG keyboards I believe this should be taken as true. This is even more impressive if you know that this one comes with backlit illumination.

The ZAGGKeys Cover is available both in back and silver, so you can perfectly match it with your iPad mini.


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