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PROS: Novelty. Very interesting idea. Quality made. Accurate and effective. CONS: Does a lot, but I expect more features from its iOS app in the future.

You’re not probably fully aware of all possible uses for your iOS device, and it seems that as the time passes these devices are somehow trying to find their way into numerous professions and to do some very unusual and specific tasks. For example, architects get to use their iPhones to take pictures of a house so their phone can automatically generate a floor plan with a very detailed drawing. Another great use is synergy between an iPhone and numerous sports bracelets which are able to track incredible amount of data and present it through your phone.

In this article we are going to show you yet another interesting role for your iPhone, and this one is surely going to surprise you. As it turns out you can use your phone to precisely calculate the wind speed, so you can use it as a very reliable meteorological tool. This product is called the Vaavud, and it consists of a combination of hardware and software.

Vaavud 3

The Vaavud is unusual looking little gadget, which can be seen as such on numerous meteorological stations. It’s consisted of two gently shaped spoons (or half-circles) which are being moved as the wind blows. What’s interesting about this product is that it comes without any electronic parts, and it’s fully made of high-quality plastics. This device comes without any electronics since it uses the magnetic field sensor that’s already present in your iPhone, so it picks up the fluctuations caused by the rotations of magnets which is due to the wind’s pressure. In order to see collected information you’re going to use the official Vaavud app for iOS, which is free to download and use.

Vaavud 2

Even though this system might sound a bit complicated, creators have put a lot of effort in making it as user friendly as it can possibly be. This can be seen in its iOS app design, which is very easy to use and which presents information in a very clear way. You will be able to see the current, average, and maximum wind speed, and right bellow this information there’s the graph which shows the same information but in a bit more visual manner. When it comes to choosing the units, you can choose from miles and kilometers per second, knots, as well as miles and kilometers per hour. This is a nice addition since this tool is made for a very specific role, where one of these units is always the primary one. This way, the Vaavud can be used in sailing, paragliding, surfing, hiking, and other activities.

There are a lot of individuals who are into activities where the wind speed is very important, and the Vaavud is clearly made for such individuals. It can be very useful, and seems to pick up very accurate information and data. It is priced at $50, which seems fair enough. Sure, there are other ways (and which can be more convenient), but the Vaavud is very fun to use, effective, and works with your iPhone.


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