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PROS: Interesting idea. Can be useful in some situations. CONS: Very high priced. A real DYI challenge until you assemble it. Sound quality could be much better.

Even though an iPhone is perfectly usable right out of the box, there are still some accessories made to ease up certain aspects of its everyday use. For example, some of us use wireless speakers which come with docks in order to keep the phone charged at all times and to enjoy in some quality music. Photography enthusiasts can find a lot of third party equipment like specialized cases, mounts, and lenses. Business users like to buy a good handsfree set, and a speakerphone as well.

As it turns out, today’s article is for those business users who are still searching for a new speakerphone. This kind of accessory is used to ease up traditional and video calls, and many work environments can greatly benefit from it. We are going to take a look at Audioffice set, made by Invoxia ($299).

Audioffice is a device which can serve as a speakerphone and as a classic speaker, but also allows you to use your phone in a traditional way. It’s nicely designed, and I really liked that designers took their time and tried to create a device with Apple-friendly design philosophy. After all, this device is created to be used on everyday basis, and to sit right on your desk. It looks like a shiny white box, with a white metal grille which covers all the sides. On the top you’ll find a bracket for your phone, as well as the speakerphone button and the handset as well.

Audioffice 2

Even though this device looks very nice once it’s fully assembled, it won’t look so nice once you take it out of its packaging. As it turns out, it comes with numerous plastic pieces and cables which you’ll need to assemble according to an iOS device than you plan on using. This means that Audioffice is compatible with the Lightning connector, as well as with the old 30-pin. Also, it’s made to be used worldwide so there are several pieces which are obsolete in different parts of the world. I am not a big fan of this type of packaging, and I wish that designers tried to find a more elegant way to make their device as compatible as possible with numerous iOS devices.

When it comes to performance and sound quality, I wasn’t really impressed as I expected. This product is priced at $299, so I expected to be amazed by its sound quality. Even though speakerphone is clearly better than the one on an iPhone, I can’t say the same thing about the sound quality if you choose to listen to music. Differently said, it’s not that bad, but for this price you’re entitled to premium quality. On the other hand, the handset was a complete disappointment, and you’ll soon realize that it’s better if you just use your phone.

I believe that Audioffice is an interesting idea, but will hardly find its way to success. There are some docks which amplify the sound so you can use the speakerphone, and which are priced around $50. This seems to me like a better deal. With Audioffice you’ll get something that looks like a half finished product.


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