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PROS: Nicely designed and quality made. Solves one of the biggest issues. CONS: High priced.

It took a while until the Lightning plug-equipped docks appeared on the market, which was due to several factors. Once these docks finally arrived, they came with a high price which was a direct result of Apple’s pricing of the Lightning plug itself which needed to be contained within these docks. As you know, some docks came without these plugs so you needed to use your own cables, but this always seemed like a temporary solution.

During the last few months I’ve had the chance of reviewing several quality-made docks, which came with the Lightning plug included, and I’ve noticed one common problem with all of those. I am talking about that issue with the Lightning plug that allowed only bare iPhones and iPads to be used with those docks, meaning that you needed to take off cases and any other kind of external protection. This always seemed like a big issue, since this should be a product that you use on a daily basis. Well, it seems that Belkin is the first company which solved this issue, and in this article we are going to talk about it.

Express Dock 1

Belkin’s Express Dock is one of the recently introduced products for the newest generation of iOS devices. It comes with the Lightning plug included, which can be adjusted using a dial, so it can accommodate any iPad or iPhone placed inside any imaginable case. This product is priced a $60.

Belkin is certainly one of those companies who know how much design can be important, especially when it comes to iOS-compatible accessories. The Express Dock comes with a very simple and minimalistic design, but manages not to imitate the original iPhone dock which I really liked. It’s clearly very quality made, and feels great in hand. It’s made of brushed aluminum, and there’s also a rubber lining which takes care of your tablet.

Express Dock 3

Now let’s see how this dock actually works. On the back you’ll be able to find a small dial using which you can adjust the Lightning plug so you can easily place an iPad inside a case, which than can be comfortably rested on a back plate of this dock. Also, the Express Dock comes with a USB cable included, so you don’t have to use any of your own cables. Simply plug it into a Mac to sync it, or plug it into a wall outlet to charge it.

It’s important to say that this dock can be used with the newest generation of iPads and iPad minis, as well as with any iPhone which comes with the Lightning port (5/5C/5S). The rubber lining will hold any of these devices in their places, even though I would recommend to be careful when placing the iPad since it’s rather large. But in overall, this is one of those nicely designed and stable docks.

Even though it comes with a very high price for a dock ($60), this is probably the best dock that you can currently find on the market. It’s compatible with any iOS device and most importantly you don’t have to remove a case to charge your phone or a tablet.


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