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PROS: Very affordable for this application type. User friendly interface. Good for beginners. CONS: Good for beginners. Very limited and basic.

When it comes to vector drawing tools, the OSX App Store offers a very large choice. Just like with other app categories, these tools tend to offer simplified experience of creating vector drawings, and these are designed for an average (or a little bit more than average) users who are in need of web or print graphics.

As you probably know, in the world of vector illustrations the standard is Adobe’s Illustrator. This is a very comprehensive tool used by professionals, able of creating amazingly looking results. In order to become familiar with Illustrator, you’ll need to spend some serious time to learn all of its tricks and to master its complicated interface. On the other hand, if you’re willing to enter the world of vector illustration on a smaller scale, the OSX App Store can help you.

Blutail 1

Today we are going to take a look at Bluetail, which is the simple vector design tool. It can be downloaded from the App Store for $12. This sounds like a very good price for this application type, so let’s see what features you can get and what kind of results it can produce.

Once you open Blutail for the first time you’ll be greeted with a very simplified user interface, consisted of three floating windows. Those are the tools palette, the layers pane, as well as the main drawing board. If you’ve ever used a vector drawing tool, you’ll be very familiar with all of these elements, since they are pretty much standard. I liked this minimalistic design, which is quite reachable and easy to understand even for a complete newbies. You’ll use the tools palette to activate and use all kinds of drawing tools, fills, and shapes. Occasionally you’ll also get a fourth floating window, which gives you additional options for a tool you’re currently using.

When it comes to drawing, it seems that Bluetail offers a good value for the money. You’ll get to use the standard Pen tool, used to create Bezier curves. There are also Line and Pencil tools, used to create straight and freehand lines. Also, there are tools like Poly Pen and Easy Pen, used to create custom shapes and paths which can be used in combination with Shapes to create custom built objects.

Besides using all those drawing tools, Blutail offers standard Fill and Stroke tools, which are pretty standard for any vector drawing applications. And also, there are Layers used to manipulate different parts of your drawing, onto which can be added different effects.

Even though Blutail offers a lot of useful tools, the main difference between this application and the more expensive ones is in how limited those tools are. I would recommend this application for someone who just entered the world of vector drawing, and needs to learn the basics. In case you do have some knowledge and especially if you’ve worked with Illustrator, I am sure that Blutail will seem like a very basic and limited solution.



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