As any modern Mac enthusiast or user knows, Apple has implemented various cloud syncing capabilities on its devices. These days, we can easily share contacts, music files, photos, etc. across our various Apple devices without any need for physical connections or uploads. However, when heavier file sharing and data storage needs arise, an external provider can still be helpful. For this reason, many Apple users could stand to benefit from the security and services provided by Sharefile, an independent high-volume file sharing service.

Sharefile is designed to provide users with easy tools for uploading, storing, and sharing large files (up to 10GB), all with the utmost security. Furthermore, the services are particularly useful for Apple users due to their easy implementation on devices like iPhones and iPads. Mobile web access and a fully functional app make Sharefile easy to use on these products, and allow you to manage your files on-the-go, when your needs are greatest. Here are a few words on specific features you can enjoy with this mobile app:

  • Secure Email – The Sharefile app provides you with the service’s secure email within the app itself. This means you can send ordinary communications through the app, rather than relying on a less secure email provider whenever you are using a mobile device.
  • Manage Downloads – With the app, you can download new files that have been sent to you or made available to your network, and organize them in your folders. These services are incredibly easy to use, and the app interface is attractive and simple.
  • Sync Files – Naturally, the app also syncs your files and folders across your devices. So, put simply, whatever you have in your Sharefile account on a computer can be viewable from your app.
  • Add Users – One of Sharefile’s best features in general is that it allows you to control who in your network has access to a given file folder. With the app, you can manage this feature as well, adding new users to allow them to view folders as you choose.
  • Upload New Files – You can also upload new files to your account, which makes working on-the-go far more convenient. For example, if you work up a spreadsheet for your business with your iPad while on vacation, you can upload and share it through the app.
  • Password Protection – Finally, you can choose to fit the app with its own password protection, adding yet another layer of security to your protected files.



With these features in place, you can have just about any file sharing and organizing need you can imagine at your fingertips whenever you’re conducting business or communication from your mobile devices.


This is a guest post by Brian Glaser. Brian is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics in the science and technology genre.



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