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PROS: Very interesting product. Quality made. Affordable. Provides 4 viewing angles. CONS: Takes some time until you learn all of its tricks.

Every iPad owner knows how important it is to have a reliable tablet stand in case you really want to get the most out of your touchscreen device. By having a stand you can position your tablet in more than one viewing angle, so you can relax and watch movies, or transform your iPad into a traditional screen while you type on a wireless keyboard. There are many uses for tablet stands, so they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

In order for an iPad stand to become popular and profitable, it needs to bring something new to the market since there are hundreds of iPad stands currently on sale. On the other hand, only those simple and minimalistic stands achieve success, so designers got a very difficult job to do.

In today’s article we are going to review interestingly designed iPad stand, which comes from Incipio, a well-known company which brings all kinds of iOS-compatible accessories. This stand is called Fixie, and could be purchased for $40.

Fixie 1

At a first look, Fixie looks very interesting and original. I’ve had a chance of reviewing many tablet stands, so I’ve seen quite a few ideas. Still, Fixie managed to capture my attention and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to take it and try it out for myself. However, one thing is that once you remove it from its packaging, you’ll question yourself how this thing can be even used as a stand, and in which way it can be transformed into a usable product. Luckily, Incipio provides much needed user manual which shows you different ways of creating usable shapes which provide several viewing angles, but more on that a little bit later.

When it comes to design, I think we all will agree that this is nicely designed product. Fixie manages to capture everyone’s attention and somehow perfectly fits iPad’s aesthetics. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, which means that it will last for a very long time. It’s resistant to scratches and it won’t get broken easily. Also, it’s very lightweight so you can easily carry it around in your bag.

Fixie 3

Fixie is basically made of two pieces, which are connected together. The user manual will explain in which ways you can fold these two pieces, so you can get several stable viewing angles. In fact, you’ll get to use two angles which will position your tablet upright, and two lower angles perfect for typing or playing iOS games. It takes some time until you learn all of these positions, and my advice is not to trash the user manual immediately, since you’re going to need it in the first few days.

There are a lot of nice things that could be said for Incipio’s Fixie. This is a very interesting iPad stand, which certainly brings something new to the market. It is very affordable and quality made, so I am pretty sure that it will find users who are going to love it.



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