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PROS: Very usable. Nicely designed UI. Easy to use. CONS: None really.

What are the chances that you’re using more than one social network? I guess most of us use several accounts around the web, for personal and professional needs. This means having multiple iOS apps on our phones and tablets, and managing those accounts by multitasking between those apps. However, things don’t need to be this way, since there are apps that allow you to unify several social networks into one interface, so you can easily stay on top of things.

Fuse is one of the latest additions to the iOS App Store in terms of apps which are created to unify several social networks. This app is designed to access your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. It is free to download and use, but in order to use Instagram and LinkedIn integration, you’ll need to pay $1 for each service. Now let’s see how this application works, and if it can really replace the official apps.

Fuse 1

Once you open Fuse for the first time you’ll get the chance to sign-in to your accounts. You’ll get to add new ones anytime you like, and you can also easily preview them by swiping to the right which will reveal a sliding menu. This menu will contain all your accounts, and you can easily enable/disable them with just one tap. Disabling an account won’t delete it, but instead it will temporarily disable Fuse to download the newest updates, so it can be used to clear up the main wall in case it gets crowded with information and posts.

When it comes to unified feed view, it works quite well and looks nice. This whole app uses iOS7-friendly flat interface, so information is presented in a very clear and understandable way. While you’re browsing the feed you’ll get to see from which social network it came, and you’ll get to use some options which are specific to that particular network. For example, if you’re seeing a new tweet, you’ll be able to retweet it, and see retweet count and favorites. This doesn’t mean that Fuse is able of completely replacing official Twitter or Facebook apps, but it can save you some time and allows you to lightly browse those feeds.

What’s important to know about Fuse is that it uses specific APIs provided by those four social networks. This means that some features are enabled in one network, while the other one doesn’t support it, which can create confusion with users. That’s why you can read user reviews which are saying that a particular feature is missing, but that’s not the case. For example, Instagram doesn’t support notifications yet, and LinkedIn can’t send you direct messages from your account. Those are some limitations imposed to 3rd party apps, so this has nothing to do with Fuse.

There are a lot of nice things that could be said about Fuse, and it generally seems like a good idea. It’s made to keep you up to date with your social networks, and it’s doing its job very well. Sure, it is limited in some ways, but on the other hand it isn’t made to fully replace any official app.


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