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PROS: Easy to use, with a small learning curve. Nicely designed UI. Enables you to automate your workflow. CONS: A bit high priced.

There are good chances that you’ve used eBay to sell some items in the past. This is probably the most popular online marketplace, used to sell all kinds of stuff. What this means is that its users are not just those guys who decide to sell a CD once in a while, but there are some serious traders who are turning this into their day-to-day job.

When it comes to those power users, eBay has done a lot to provide advanced features which are allowing your items to stand out. But in many ways this website is still somewhat limited and that’s why you can find dedicated third party applications to keep track of your eBay listings. One of those apps is called GarageSale, and we are about to review it.

GarageSale is designed to allow you to keep track of your eBay listings, meaning that you can create new listings, and edit existing ones. You’ll be able to see the progress, bids, and other changes, as well as to exchange messages with other users. It’s priced at $40, so it’s clearly made for dedicated eBay users who want to increase their productivity.

GarageSale 1

Once you open GarageSale for the first time you’ll be greeted with a nicely designed interface. It is designed as a classic OSX application, and doesn’t really try to bring eBay’s visual identity in any form. This is not a bad decision, since its user-friendly UI will allow you to start working immediately, so there’s no learning curve.

In order to add a new listing you’ll need to start a new template. Since eBay allows using HTML and CSS to design new listings, GarageSale brings its own fully usable templates that you simply need to edit and fill in your own information. There are two ways to edit a template: Preview Mode and Edit Mode. The first one is actually a WYSIWYG editor, so you can see changes live. The latter one is for experienced users, especially those who are familiar with how templates are laid out. It’s also important to note that GarageSale comes with its own Design Store which offers additional premium templates, so you can use a variety of different designs.

GarageSale 2

Once you’ve created a template (or differently said, a new eBay listing), you’ll be able to specify a date and a time, which means that you can automate your workflow. These templates can be saved and copied, so you can easily create a very elaborate workflow and add a lot of items for sale. Also, GarageSale allows you to use its own servers to upload up to 20 images for free, while eBay charges you after 12 uploaded images.

Once you’ve set up everything and after you’ve started an eBay auction, you can use GarageSale to keep track of progress and to respond to messages, so you don’t have to visit eBay’s website at all.

In case you’re using eBay to sell a lot of stuff, investing in an application that will ease up this job seems like a good decision. Even though GarageSale is priced at $40, it brings a lot of useful features that can help with your eBay auctions.


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