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PROS: Very simple, yet usable and effective. Reliable performance. CONS: Can’t compete against OSX 10.8.2 and its Facebook integration.

Most of us visit at least once a day, to check up on new information, statuses, and pictures. Many are using Facebook’s iOS app to check their Walls for new posts, and this led to a need for creating a similar desktop application. This way you can use an OSX application instead of using your web browser all the time, and you can also receive push notifications about new messages, posts, and similar stuff.

With the introduction of Mac OSX 10.8.2, Facebook finally reached Apple’s operating system. Now you can sign-in with your Facebook account within OSX and always stay on top of the latest information thanks to push messages which are appearing in the Notification Center. This made many Facebook-related third party applications obsolete, since you were always able to download all kinds of Facebook notifiers which were mostly menu bar apps. Still, many users reported that Apple’s notification system doesn’t always work properly, so there’s still need for those third party apps.

In today’s article we are going to get a look at Glow for FB, which is yet another interesting notifier. This small menu bar app can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for just $1.

Glow for FB 1 Glow for FB scr2

The main difference between Glow for FB and other similar apps is that this application is designed only to notify you in three cases: if there’s a new Wall post, if you’ve got a new friend request, and also if you receive a new message. And that’s about all you can expect from this app.

Before starting to use Glow for FB, you’ll need to sign-in with your Facebook credentials on Glow’s Facebook application page. By doing this you’re accepting that Glow will have access to your messages and posts, but up to this day I haven’t read any privacy concern or issue written in user reviews. So after you’ve singed-in to Glow for FB, this application will always run in the background, so when you receive a new notification its nicely designed icon will glow. You can also choose to receive a Growl-like notification, and you can also use OSX’s Notification Center. There also some other options which allow you choose a notification tune, to temporarily mute notification, and to choose between simple and detailed notification style.

Glow for FB 3

With OSX 10.8.2 you already have numerous Facebook-related features like push notifications, and ability to post to your Wall right from your OSX. This is more than Glow for FB is able of offering you, so it has become obsolete in many ways. On the other hand, this application does have some practical use and can be very useful if you care about staying informed about your Facebook profile. I can also recommend Glow for FB to those who are dissatisfied with OSX’s Facebook integration, and those who experience lags and issues with the Notification Center. This means that Glow for FB still has a chance of fighting against OSX, and that its simplicity and reliable performance are its biggest selling points.


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