Griffin’s Twenty Audio Amplifier
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Most of us who are in love with Apple products use more than one iOS device, and there’s usually at least one Mac around the house. As you probably know, Apple has done a great effort in creating somewhat closed but very capable ecosystem, so all of these desktop and mobile devices work seamlessly together in many different ways. For example, I keep all my music in iTunes library on my iMac, so I can use Home Sharing to access it from my phone or tablet. You can also use Home Sharing and AirPlay to stream music, photos, and videos to the Apple TV or any AirPlay-supported speaker.

If you really care about having the best possible audio quality, than you’ll surely buy an AirPlay speaker over Bluetooth-equipped one because the latter one clips the quality and can’t really process those lossless tracks. On the other hand, some of the best speakers that you can buy are not AirPlay compatible, so you can’t use your iTunes library to stream music. Well, now you can do just that thanks to Griffin’s audio amplifier, named the Twenty.

Griffin Twenty 1

First, a few words on what this audio amplifier can be used for. Its main role is to transmit wireless audio signal to a speakers which are not AirPlay supported, by connecting to your AirPort Express base station. It can be used both with the old base station that you can actually plug right into the amplifier, as well as with the new AirPort Express which is connected by a cable and uses its own power supply.

The Griffin Twenty actually looks like a shiny white box, which is created to resemble an Apple-designed product. As such, it perfectly complements the AirPort Express’ aesthetics in terms of silhouette and used materials. On the top you’ll find the large rounded dial, used as the volume knob. There’s also the black standard plug for the Apple’s base station. All you have to do is to connect the base station with the amplifier, and then simply plug it into a wall socket and you’ll be ready to go. Also, you’ll get a short optical audio cable used to connect the base station to the amplifier in order to ensure that you’re getting the best possible audio quality.

Griffin Twenty 2

The Twenty is a 2.1 audio system, which comes with two stereo channels and a subwoofer connector. On the back side you’ll find the speaker connectors, which are a bare-wire type.

After you’ve secured all the connections, power on the Twenty. It will take a few moments until the base station reestablishes the connection, and you’ll see this process thanks to several signal lights. After that, it will be always ready to receive a signal.

When it comes to performance, this depends on speakers that you’re using. When it comes to this amplifier, it is able to play lossless audio format which produces amazing sound quality. So if you own a good set of speakers which come without AirPlay support, purchasing the Griffin Twenty (priced at $100) sounds like a good decision.


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