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PROS: Very easy to use, and very user friendly interface. Lots of interesting and helpful features. Can produce professional looking results. CONS: To get an interactive web animation that’ll attract visitors, maybe it’s the best to hire a web designed who’ll write the code.

Even though the principles of flat design are one of the latest trends in user interface design, this didn’t affect web animations that much. With the introduction of touch-controlled devices like smartphones and tablets, Flash received a very hard hit and it has been a few years now that developers and designers started to use CSS and HTML to create stunning animations. Most web browsers started campaigns to showcase the power of CSS3 and HTML5, so you can find Safari’s showcase, Chrome’s Experiments, and Internet Explorer’s campaign which are all created with the same idea in mind.

It was never easy to create a great looking interactive animation, and it takes time and effort, as well as extensive knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, or HTML coding to create an animation. But in order to bring process of animating banners, games, and website interface to an average user, some developers tried to offer applications which simplify this process. And one of those application is called Hype 2, currently priced at $30.

Hype 2 2

Hype 2 is an OSX application created to remove the complexity of animated web design, and to completely hide the coding aspect. This means that you’ll get to play around with graphic elements and animations, while the appropriate code will be automatically generated in the background.

Once you open Hype 2 for the first time you’ll soon recognize almost all interface elements, even if you haven’t played with web animations before. In some ways, this application resembles Apple’s Keynote, since the basic process is pretty much the same. You add you own graphic elements, and you can also use Hype 2 to add text, buttons, audio, widgets, and basic shapes. Later you can use the Inspector to fine-tune each of these elements to make them look just the way you wanted. And after you’ve created all the graphic elements, you’ll get to work on animating them.

Hype 2 3

What’s important to say is that Hype 2 is created to be used by those who worked with web animations before, as well as by those who are complete newbies. You can find video tutorials and a user manual to help you get started with animations, but the best way to learn your way around is to spend some time trying out all of the options.

What’s important to say is that you’ll get a set of features and options which are web- and iOS-friendly, in terms of fonts, effects, and animations. You can also use Hype Reflect for iOS, to preview animations made for iOS devices, which is free to download and use.

With Hype 2, you can’t really expect to create some very high-end animations, but you can produce a professional looking results. This depends on your skills and creativity, and also it’s a plus if you know just a little bit of manipulating CSS and HTML code. What I am trying to say is that this application won’t replace a knowledgeable web designer who can create amazing web animations, but since hiring a web designer can be a serious investment, Hype 2 can be used in a meantime to produce some very good results.


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