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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Stable and good performance. Tons of useful features. Receives regular updates. CONS: None.

When it comes to creating vector illustrations, most professionals use Adobe’s Illustrator which is probably the most comprehensive tool available. This also means that if you’re willing to start making vector illustrations, you’re going to need to invest a lot of time and effort in trying to learn the basics of Illustrator, which can help you get started. After that, your practice will teach you some finer details and advanced features.

If you take a look at the Mac App Store, you’ll see that numerous developers are offering vector drawing apps, intended for an average home user. These applications are usually oversimplified and very limited in functionality, so I usually advise people to hire a professional for this job instead of trying to save some money and use one of these applications. But in this article we are going to talk about one of those applications, and that’s because this is one of the most powerful vector drawing tools, perfect for amateurs and professionals as well. It’s called iDraw.

iDraw isn’t a new application, since it has been around for quite some time. During this time it managed to create a very large user base, mostly consisted of professionals who are still trying out different techniques and tools of vector drawing. It’s priced at $25, so it’s very affordable and certainly a much better solution than Illustrator – at least until you get prepared to switch into the big league.

One of the strongest sides of iDraw is its user-friendly interface. Even though it offers a lot of features and all kinds of fine-tunings, its interface will never get overwhelming like with those professional tools. In its default setup it’ll bring a pretty standard vector design interface, with the large canvas in the middle part and you’ll see tools palette on the left. I won’t go through every single feature, which are all standard for this application type, and you can find more about all of them on iDraw’s official website. On the other hand, I need to emphasize several interesting features that you wouldn’t normally expect from this application.

iDraw 1

First, you’ll get to use very comprehensive user guide which will explain every single feature that you’ll be able to use in iDraw. This user guide can be also downloaded as the PDF, so you can have a local copy as well. Also, one of those features that I was impressed with are import and export options, which are professional-grade. You’ll get to easily import all kinds of formats, including layered Photoshop files, which are going to be fully editable once imported. Also, one of the latest updates brought refined snapping system, so you can easily align different elements, just like you would do in Apple’s Pages.

Finally, I also need to mention that iDraw is under constant development and it is receiving new updates regularly. These updates usually come with new features and refinements of existing ones, which gives a very positive impression.

I would recommend iDraw to those who are willing to enter the world of vector illustrations, since with this application you can learn the basics as well as to get into some advanced features.


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