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PROS: Premium design. Quality made. Additional functions and palm rejection feature. CONS: None.

In case you need a very precise input controller for your iPad, the best possible tool for this job is a stylus. There are a lot of professionals, hobbyists, and average users who now choose to purchase a stylus and pair it with an iPad, which can unlock a completely new experience of digital drawing and iPad gaming.

We already reviewed some of the most popular styluses on the market including the AluPen (Pro) and Pogo Connect, but in order to give you more insight into this product category we are bringing you today a review of one of the newest products by Wacom. This is an iPad-compatible stylus named Intuos.

As I said earlier, when it comes to iPad-compatible styluses there’s a huge choice of available models, but it seems that the market lacks premium grade professional styluses. It seems that Wacom saw this as an opportunity to introduce a very interesting product which I believe will appeal to many iPad users. It is priced a bit higher than most other similar products, and its current price is $100. On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting features that you’ll get for this price, so let’s see what you can expect.

Intous 2

It will be clear that this is a premium grade product once you take it out of its packaging and once you see that you’ve received a carrying case containing several items. Inside you’ll see the Intuos itself, but also additional rubber tips and a battery as well. Once you take it out, and even before you start using it, you’ll see that Intuos feels much better in hand than most styluses, and its shape, size, and weight are just right for starting to write and draw without any adjustment period needed.

On one side you’ll find the rubber nip used to make pressure onto the iPad’s screen, and you can unscrew this tip and replace it with a new one. On the other end you can also find a removable tip, which gives you access to one AAAA battery (able to give you 150 hours of active time). Once you take it in your hand, you’ll find two clickable buttons right under your fingers, and those are used to trigger actions like erase or undo, which depends on an application you use.

The Intuos is nicely designed, quality made and comes with those helpful utility buttons. It really shines through its performance, which is simply incredible. It comes with 2,048 pressure levels through its rubber nip, which gives you a very fine control over the input. Also, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 connection which works with your iPad to register accidental palm input, so when you place you palm onto the screen, it won’t be recognized. This helps you draw lines just like you would do on a paper, giving you a complete freedom of expression. Bluetooth 4.0 also makes sure that you don’t need to pair the stylus with your tablet, since it will be automatically registered by an iOS app, and it will be turned on/off automatically.

In order for all of these features to fully work, you’re going to need to use iOS apps which support this particular stylus. You can use Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app for free, but other applications are there like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro/Ink, ProCreate, and Adobe’s Ideas for iPad.

In case you’re searching for a new stylus and you really care about getting the most out of it, I would warmly recommend using Intuos. It costs a bit more than most iPad-compatible styluses, but it’s worth the price.



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