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PROS: Beautiful, Apple-friendly design. Good charging speeds. Automatic adjustment of output charge rate. CONS: None.

You probably already know all about the numerous uses for various iOS devices, and you’re probably already using more than a dozen of apps from the iOS App Store. This means that numerous actions we perform throughout the day like browsing the web, checking e-mails, making audio/video calls, signing-in to social networks, editing pictures and videos, and more, start to drain the battery of your iPhone or iPad. When it comes to newly purchased iOS devices, the battery usually isn’t the problem, but the truth is that as the time passes the battery life will slowly decline. For this reason, as well as for many others, it’s always a good idea to have an additional battery pack using which you can recharge your iOS device on the go.

In this article we are going to take a look at one of the latest Moshi’s products, which is a well-known manufacturer of OSX and iOS peripherals and accessories. This product is called IonBank 10K, and this is the battery pack which brings 10,000mAh of additional juice to your phone or tablet.

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Moshi is known for a large lineup of products made specifically for Apple devices, and this company knows how important design can be. This is why their devices and accessories are always minimalistic and beautifully designed, and this is also the case with the IonBank 10K. It looks like a rectangular white plastic box, with slightly rounded edges. It is clearly made to resemble an Apple-designed product, which isn’t a bad thing. I was positively surprised by one aspect of its design, and that was the way its USB cable was hidden. There’s a bracket on the bottom which houses the USB cable, which is a very nice and clean solution. If you purchase the IonBank 10K you’ll also receive a nicely designed carrying pouch which protects the battery and allows you to store the Lightning cable as well.

As I’ve said in the previous paragraph, the IonBank 10K brings 10,000mAh battery inside. To give you a clue on how many recharges you can get, I’ll say that the iPhone 5S comes with 1,560mAh battery, while the iPhone 5C comes with 1,510mAh. On the other hand, the iPad 4 comes with 11,560mAh, while the iPad mini brings 4,430mAh battery. So as you can see, the IonBank 10K brings a lot of additional juice, and is able of fully recharging the latest iPhone generation up to six times.

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What’s interesting about Mophi’s IonBank 10K is that it brings two USB ports which automatically adjust the output charge rate. In practice this means that you can charge two iPads at the same time and achieve maximum output speeds on both USB ports, which is not something we usually see. This technology is called Dynamic Power Sharing, and it’s specifically advertised by Moshi for this product.

For a price of $110 you can get one of the most interesting battery packs, specifically made to be compatible with iOS devices. It brings Apple-friendly design and amazing performance, and there are a lot of things to like about this product.


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