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PROS: Quality made. Offers strong and reliable protection. Combination of leather and microfiber. CONS: Problems with button covers and port openings. Edges easily attract dirt.

A few days back we’ve reviewed the iPhone 5C case, designed by Apple. Even though this is a quality made case, and it perfectly fits the iPhone 5C in many ways, it still has some downsides and questionable design decisions. In today’s article we are going to take a look at the iPhone 5S case, and I was very interested to see how this case performed and if it’ll solve some of the issues that I’ve had with the previously reviewed Apple-made iPhone case.

Even though there’s no drastic difference in price and features between the two new iPhones, it is clear that the iPhone 5C is created for younger generations, and anyone who like vibrant and flashy colors. On the other end, the iPhone 5S is created to showcase the premium smartphone which comes with very elegant and minimalistic design, and some high-end hardware features. According to this ideology, Apple designed cases for the iPhone 5S to perfectly complement the elegant and minimalistic state of the newest iPhone generation. These cases come in six colors, and they’re priced at $39 each.

iPhone 5S Case 1

The iPhone 5S cases are created to be seen as premium-grade products. This can be seen on its leather surface which completely covers the outside of this case. On the inside you’ll find microfiber which gently surrounds your phone, keeping it well protected. Of course, there’s the middle layer, which is the backbone that provides stability and proper protection. When it comes to leather, it has a very nice texture and feels great in hand. This material completely surrounds the outside of this case, and even the edges which are a bit extruded over the iPhone’s screen. As it turns out, these edges will easily attract dirt, so I would suggest having a soft cloth using which you can polish the leather from time to time. As you can imagine, this is not that noticeable on a dark-colored cases, but it’s clearly noticeable on beige, yellow, and blue editions.

When it comes to installation, you simply need to push your iPhone into this case. Perhaps you’ll need to use a bit extra force, since this case is made to tightly fit around the phone, which is not a bad thing. Most ports are left uncovered, while buttons received their own covers which work less than ideal. No matter is you use the volume buttons or the power button, it will take some time getting used to them. In the beginning you’ll need to firmly press those buttons to activate them, but after a while you’ll get used to this situation. Also, the cutout for the Lightning adapter is a little bit tight around the openings on the phone itself, so you might have some problems if you’re using a large size 3rd party cables.

iPhone 5S Case 2

Just like the iPhone 5C case, this product also comes with some very good and some problematic sides. It is quality made, and it’s very functional. It’s made to be a showcase of a premium-grade iPhone 5/5S case, and Apple succeeded in this. On the other hand, there are those small annoyances that I’ve explained in the previous paragraphs, so this case comes with its own set of compromises.


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