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PROS: Can be used to create simple logos, with somewhat effective design. CONS: Can’t produce professional-looking results. Issues with UI. Overpriced.

With the introduction of OSX App Store, Mac users got a chance to access a massive library of OSX software that was hard to reach before, and even impossible in some markets worldwide. With the introduction of OSX software, what Mac users also got was a chance to do more with their computers and access services that were used only by skilled professionals in the past. I am talking about those numerous photo and video editors, and all other applications which received overhauled and simplified interface in order to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

In this article we are going to talk about one of those simplified applications, which is trying to offer something that only a skilled professional could do. It’s called Logoist, and as it names says, it’s designed to help you create your own logo. It’s priced at $20, and could be downloaded from the OSX App Store.

Logoist 2

There are a lot of logo design apps in the App Store which are badly designed and which oversimplify things, so I was hoping that Logoist isn’t one of those. Once I opened it for the first time I was greeted with a very problematic intro, which showed examples of 1980’ and 1990’ logo design, stacked on a virtual shelf. One good thing about this intro window is that you can access a very comprehensive PDF user guide, which will guide you through almost every feature found in this app. This side of user care and support is usually omitted from majority of newly released apps, so I was nicely surprised.

Logoist 3

Once you get to the main window things will start to improve a bit. The welcome window is badly designed and leaves a very negative first impression, which is a very big downside of this application. The main window is more user friendly and incorporated somewhat well into the overall OSX aesthetics. I am not going to explain each feature and tool that you can find in Logoist, but I’ll say that there are many of them and level of customization is surprisingly good. There are also hundreds of preloaded styles, clipart, and samples, but most of them look outdated and unprofessional, so I would recommend starting from scratch and not trying to use every single color, feature, gradient, and texture that you can find in Logoist, because it seems that preloaded elements are made that way.

The main problem with logo design apps is that you simply can’t use them if you want to get a professional looking logo, which is incredibly important step in branding of your website, company, or anything else. These tools can be used to create somewhat simple logos and entry-level design, and that’s how you should look at them. In case you really care about branding of your product or service, and you really should care, my advice is to hire a professional who will think of clever design that you’ll be proud of.


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