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PROS: Ideal writing assistant. Easy to use, and very helpful. CONS: None.

There are a lot of writers, both professionals and hobbyists, who are writing blog entries and articles for various types of blogs and websites. Having a quality content is the backbone of every popular website, so you can assume how important it is to have a uniquely written content. This is why you can find increasingly large choice of text editors in the OSX App Store, which are designed to make your writing better and help you with pasting HTML code or Markdown formatted articles into a website code, or to prepare it for print.

In today’s review we are going to see an application designed to help writers with their Markdown-supported articles, in terms of creating a valid HTML code, proofreading an article, and preparing it for print. This application is called Marked 2, and you can purchase it for $12 from its official website (

Right at the beginning, I need to be clear about one thing that concerns Marked 2. This is not a standard text editor, since this application is made to serve as a writing assistant, automatically previewing Markdown-supported formatting while you’re writing an article in some other text editor. This might sound a bit confusing, so let’s see how this application works and why it is so popular.

Marked 2 2

First, let’s say that you’re using iAWriter or Ulysses to write articles for your blog/website, and that you’re using Markdown to format your article on the go. After you open Marked 2, simply drag the document you’re writing into this app, and it will automatically render the live preview. This application works with almost any imaginable formatting syntax, so you can use MultiMarkdown, CriticMarkup, GitHub, and many more.

Once you’re done writing, you can use Marked 2 to check for errors and to get some helpful advices and statistics which can improve your writing. For example, you can see words and phrases that you should avoid, or words which are repeated too many times, and Markdown will give you several alternatives. These changes will be made to your article right inside this app, so there are some limited text editing capabilities.

Marked 2 3

On the other side, Marked 2 is great for exporting finished articles. You’ll get to use pretty comprehensive options, which you can’t find in most text editors. You’ll be able to export the document in HTML format, PDF (continuous or paginated), rich text, DOCX, OTD, and many more. You can also highlight just a portion of your article and copy its HTML code, so you can easily paste it to your blog or website.

This application can be used in several different ways, which are equally helpful and efficient. Marked 2 isn’t just a regular writing assistant, but should be considered as a professional tool created for those who write professionally and on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, you won’t find Marked 2 in the OSX App Store, because it doesn’t fulfill needed guidelines, most of which are associated with App Store’s sandboxing regulations. This app needs constant connection to other applications to preview Markdown formatting, and actively monitors folders for new files, which is something that App Store doesn’t approve.



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