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PROS: Nicely designed app. Incredibly powerful, and packed with helpful features. CONS: None.

While some developers are trying to come up with some kind of new, exciting, and innovative applications and to offer them through the iOS App Store, others are trying to rework Apple’s own built-in apps and upgrade their original features. Both of these groups of developers are in a difficult position, since both ways demand a lot of time and effort in order to make a product that will stand out. It seems that the bar is being pushed even higher with each new week, since the iOS App Store is getting crowded with great applications which only cost a few dollars.

In this article we are going to take a look at an application called PCalc. In case you’ve just upgraded to iOS7, than you’ve probably noticed its nicely designed blue icon in the featured section of the iOS App Store. By knowing that Apple decided to showcase this calculator, even though every iPhone comes with its own calculator app, tells you that this app has a lot of potential. Now let’s see why you should use PCalc instead of Apple’s own Calculator app, and what features can you get.

PCalc 2

If you’ve upgraded to iOS7, than PCalc will perfectly fit into the overall aesthetics. Starting from its icon, which respects the newly introduced flat design of iOS7, you can see that the developer took their time and made sure to pay attention to details. Once you open it you’ll get to see a standard calculator interface, which is also very flat and nicely designed as well.

As it turns out, PCalc has been around for a while, so this is not a new app. The version we’re reviewing in this article is 3.0, so I guess that many users will be happy to have an application in constant development. This also means that even though the newest version comes with a completely new interface and new functions, you don’t have to say goodbye to old ways because they are now simply hidden beneath the surface. Once you go to PCalc’s preferences, you’ll get to see different themes and a lot of fine-tuning as well.

What’s important to say is that PCalc is not only a nicely designed application. It is actually more powerful than Apple’s own solution, and that’s the main reason why users love it. For example, you’ll get to use hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations, as well as different kinds of notations and numerous functions. There’s also a unit conversion that you can use.

Even though this is one of the most powerful calculator apps that you can use on your iOS, many will have a problem with its price of $10. But PCalc isn’t made for those average users who only need a calculator from time to time. This one is made for serious power users like programmers, engineers, and students, who will benefit from all of those numerous features. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend whole $10, since you can also use its free version, and unlock parts that you need the most.


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