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PROS: Provides basic photo editing, so it can be useful. CONS: Badly designed UI. Very limited in many ways. Overpriced.

When it comes to photo editors for OSX and iOS as well, there’s really a lot to choose from. Some of these editors are created to bring only one special effect, while there are those who try to offer all-in-one with basic editing and a bunch of preloaded styles and effects. Since the competition in this software category is very tough, you can buy some very good applications for just a couple of dollars.

During a previous year we’ve reviewed a lot of simple and complex photo editors, made both for OSX and iOS. You can’t really see if a particular application will work for you until you actually buy and try it, so reviews like this one can be of great help.

In this article we are going to review an OSX photo editor named PhotoMagic Pro. This editor is priced at $10, which is a lot more than other similar editors, so I was interested to see what features it brings. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

PhotoMagic Pro 1

The first time I opened PhotoMagic Pro I was very surprised by its badly designed interface. Even though photo editors like this one are created for an average user who never worked in Photoshop or other complex editing application, they can sometimes go in a completely different direction. PhotoMagic Pro comes with a very outdated interface, which brings old-fashioned buttons, flashy and shiny toolbar, and it is simply too distracting. Photo editors should let you focus on your images and PhotoMagic Pro is doing completely the opposite.

When it comes to functionality, things get just a little bit better. This application gives you a few basic adjustment tools that you can apply onto your image, like brightness, contract, saturation, exposure, sharpen, and noise adjustment. Besides this, you can apply some of numerous preloaded filters, effects, and borders. There are about 70 photo effects, 90 lightning effects, and around 90 photo frames, so there’s a lot of choose from. However, you can’t fine tune this preloaded content, since you can only paste or apply it to your image. This is a serious limitation that I didn’t expect to encounter, since this way you don’t get a full control over your image.

When it comes to sharing, there are only two options and those are Facebook and Flickr. I guess that most users who are interested in simple photo editors are actually editing those images so they can be posted to social networks, so this is where PhotoMagic Pro fails. Of course, you can always export or save an image and upload it wherever you want, but this shouldn’t be the only solution available.

In many ways PhotoMagic Pro seems like a half-finished product. Its interface needs a complete overhaul, because this is its biggest downside. I’ve also mentioned some other limitations which shouldn’t be there in an application that’s priced at $10. Simply said, there are much better photo editors which are more affordable as well. 


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