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PROS: iOS7-friendly design. Now supports all iOS devices. A lot of small changes and tweaks. CONS: Doesn’t bring anything that new. Becomes hard on eyes after a while.

For a very long time, an application named Reeder was one of the most popular RSS reading apps. There are a lot of people who still depend on RSS to stay on top of the latest information, and even though Google Reader no longer exists, this hasn’t stopped users from finding some alternatives and staying in the loop. As it turns out, Reeder was greatly impacted by Google Reader dismissal, since it depended on this service to sync new feeds. Soon after, this app allowed users to set up other RSS sync services like Feedly, Fever, Feed Wrangler, and similar services, so its life continued. However, with the introduction of iOS7, Reeder’s developer decided to release a completely new version and adopt the flat design philosophy as well.

Reeder 2 isn’t just an upgraded version of Reeder, since this is a completely new version for which users now have to pay ($5). This means that users of the original app can’t upgrade for free, so you can read a lot of negative reviews around the web. In all fairness, there are a lot of new things which came with the newest version including iPad support, completely overhauled interface, and a lot of small tweaks, which probably won’t be mentioned in those reviews.

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Once you open Reeder 2 for the time, you’ll be greeted with a brand new UI design, so if you used the previous version for a long time, it will take a few moments to adjust. In order to start using this app you’ll need to sync services and RSS feeds of your choice, and this process is unchanged. You’ll get to use multiple accounts, and services like Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, Readability, as well as standalone RSS.

If you plan on using an app on your iPhone to catch up on the latest information, you’ll want from that application to focus on those articles. This is just what Reeder 2 is trying to do, so you can choose the most convenient way. For example, you’ll get to go through inbox, which contains all of your unread RSS, or you can browse the feeds according to a specific source. The only thing I really missed having is a search feature, so you could list feeds according to a keyword. This would be just another way to filter those numerous feeds. When it comes to sharing, there are numerous sharing options, just like with the previous version.

It is important to say that besides design, Reeder 2 received new gestures which enable easier control. For example, you’ll get to swipe to flick through various screens and articles, at once.

When it comes to Reeder 2, the new version doesn’t bring anything that new in terms of functionality, and the majority of changes are visible through its design. With this said, I need to pinpoint the biggest issue that I’ve had with this app. After a while it gets very hard on eyes to read text and letters colored in grey, since there’s also subtle gray pane in the background. The bigger contrast is much needed, since this is the application made for reading.


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