With the introduction of Retina displays, many developers needed to work extra hard to bring the support for this kind of high resolution to their applications. Even today, if a developer wants for its application to be Retina-ready, it needs to take time and effort in order to for this to happen. This is why there are still many great applications which look blurry on new Retina displays, and it will certainly take some time until every Mac application supports this high resolution.

Luckily, there’s a solution for some of those non-Retina applications, and it comes in a form of a small tool able of making text and graphics sharp even at very high resolutions. This application is called Retinizer, and can be download and used free of charge.

First, I few words on how this applications works and in what situations you can use it. According to a developer, Retinizer is able of transforming only native Carbon API UI widgets. This means that if imagines, graphics, and text aren’t using the Carbon API, they will remain blurry and in some cases they might become even worse than before. Of course, you can also undo any action, so in case an application brings up errors or other interface issues, you can simply de-Retinize it. This application also works with a certain Cocoa written applications, but this is something you need to try for yourself and see if you’re going to like the end result.

Retinizer 2

In order to Retinize an application, you’ll first need to open Retinizer located in your Applications folder. This will open a small window onto which you’ll need to drag an application that you’d like to Retinize. Simply click on the “Retinize!” button and after a few moments you can open an application and see the results. In case you’ve encountered some problems or if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can drag that same application onto Retinizer once again and now you’ll get a chance to click on the “De-Retinize!” button which should revert an application to its original state. What I am trying to say is that this a very stable tool, which does dig deep into your applications, but every action is reversible, which is always a good thing.

Even though many popular applications already received their Retina-ready support, there are still some application which could benefit from this tool. In most cases I was very satisfied with the result. Of course, this tool can’t really replace native Retina display support, but it can be used in the meantime to bridge a very important gap. I was personally very happy with the results, since Retinizer made graphics and text very sharp and crisp, and easy on eyes.

I don’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t try Retinizer, in case you’re having problems with some older applications. It’s completely free of charge, and every action it does can be safely and easily undone. This means that you can’t make a mistake.

PROS: Very easy to use. Can produce impressive results. Free of charge.

CONS: None really. 


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