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PROS: Beautifully designed interface. Fast and reliable performance. Free of charge. CONS: None.

When it comes to note taking on iOS, I believe that most of us can agree that Apple’s own solution is pretty music basic, so in case you’re really interested in a powerful note taking app you’ll need to look elsewhere. There was also a problem with skeuomorphic design of Notes app, but the newest version of iOS comes with a completely overhauled interface, but functionality remained the same.

I can surely say that the Notes app, that comes built-in with every iOS device, won’t get any new functionality by Apple, because this leaves a lot of space for third party developers to offer their own solutions in the iOS App Store. One of those note taking services is called Simplenote, and this one comes from a well-known Automattic, the creator of WordPress. This started as an online service, but with the introduction of iOS, OSX, Android, and Kindle apps, and sync between all of these apps, this started to be a very competitive product.

In this article we are going to take a look at Simplenote for Mac, which is one of the newly released products by Automattic. This note taking service is free to use, and so is its OSX application. It is imagined to serve as a lightweight service for taking and storing notes and syncing across different devices and platforms, so don’t expect any advanced or complex features.

Simplenote 2

Once you open Simplenote for the first time, you’ll see that simplicity can be seen in almost every aspect of this application. In its default setting, interface of Simplenote for OSX somewhat resembles a very simplified e-mail client. On the left you’ll find a sidebar containing notes and trash, as only two categories. Right bellow you’ll find a list of tags, which can be renamed and removed, but in order to add a new one you’ll need to create a new note. The central part is reserved for a list of notes, while the biggest pane takes 50% of the window and is dedicated to writing and editing. There are no toolbars, or any other menus, buttons, or icons.

When it comes to functionality, it comes very close to Apple’s own Notes app. You’ll get a chance to add new notes, edit, and remove them. But you’ll also get a reliable search function with tags included, and there’s also very fast syncing. Simplenote isn’t trying to offer a lot of features, but those which are currently offered are just enough to really enjoy in this service, and to help you in your everyday life. Also, don’t expect any Markdown syntax support or social integration, because this doesn’t fit the simplistic nature of Simplenote, and developers don’t have any plans expanding this app. In case you need a powerful note taking tool, you’ll need to look elsewhere and go for a paid app. There are a lot of choices in case you’re a power user, but Simplenote should be more than enough if you need a reliable, elegant, and nicely designed basic note taking app.



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