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PROS: Very easy to use. Nicely designed UI. Produces great results. CONS: The iPhone 4 owners shouldn’t download this app. Some editing features would be nice.

The iPhone 5S come with one amazing feature that’s creating quite a hype around the web. It’s ability to shoot slow motion videos at up to 120 frames per second. Even though this sounds great in theory, it looks even better in practice and you can see many sample videos on YouTube. Even though this feature comes with iOS7, it doesn’t get enabled on the iPhone 5 and its predecessors, so this is one of those exclusive features available only on the latest iPhone generation. And as it usually happens, developers from all around the world decided to bring their own iOS apps which bring slow motion shooting to the older iOS devices.

SlowCam is one of those applications that bring slow motion videos to any iOS device, and not just iPhones. It is priced at $2 and could be found in the iOS App Store, so let’s see how this app performs.

SlowCam 3

SlowCam is designed to bring only one feature and that’s slow motion shooting. It’s fairly simple, and comes with an interesting interface which is designed by the currently popular flat design principles. Once you open it you’ll go straight to video shooting mode, and you’ll be able to see some buttons on both sides of the screen. On the left there are plus and minus buttons, so you can zoom in and out. On the other side there’s the flash button as well as the well-known red “start shooting” button. Now, once you’re ready and once you’ve tapped to record, you’re going to need to tap and hold the “SlowCam” button which will start shooting the slow motion segment. Once you’re finished tap again to stop recording, and the process of saving a video will begin. Each video you shoot will be automatically saved to the Camera Roll, and there isn’t any further editing available.

When it comes to how effective SlowCam actually is, I need to say that this depends on the phone you’re using. For example, if you use the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C, slow motion segment will be shot at 60 frames per second. With each previous generation this number tends to fall down, so the iPhone 4 can only shoot up to 30 frames per second. In practice this means that the slow motion segment will be barely noticeable on this phone, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The iPhone 5S can shoot by 120fps, which produces amazing results, but 60fps is also noticeable and can produce very interesting slow motion segments.

SlowCam 1

It is also interesting to note that SlowCam can be used with the iPhone 5S, even though this phone comes with built-in slow motion shooting. But once you upload that video to a social network, the slow motion segment will disappear by default, so this is where SlowCam can be of great assistance.

In case you’ve got the iPhone 5 (and up) and you’d like to play around with the slow motion shooting, I would recommend purchasing SlowCam since it’s fun and easy to use and produces great results.


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