Speck’s CandyShell for iPhone 5C
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  • Speck’s CandyShell for iPhone 5C
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PROS: Very quality made. Nice design. Affordable. CONS: Problems with the cutout around the Lightning port.

It hasn’t been even a full month since the iPhone 5C was released, and many manufacturers are already trying to offer their own cases for the new iPhone. The competition is going to be even tougher than before, since Apple also stepped into this battle and offered the original iPhone 5C case, which we reviewed a couple of days back.

In today’s article we are going to take a look at a newest product by Speck, which is a well-known manufacturer of iOS- and OSX-compatible accessories and cases. This case is the newest generation of its CandyShell lineup, and this is probably one of the first 3rd party iPhone 5C cases. It is priced at $35, and comes in several color combinations.

When it comes to CandyShell lineup, these cases were renewed through several new generations over the years. This means that the newest CandyShell isn’t a new product for Speck, who learnt how to design an attractively looking case, and to improve its protection role as well.

CandyShell for iPhone 5C 1

When it comes to design of the newest generation of CandyShell, it clearly tries to complement soft curves and polycarbonate body of the phone itself. It’s slightly rounded at the edges, and it feels very nice in hand. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk or additional weight, which is always a good thing with any iPhone case. The process of installation is very simple, so you only need to push the phone inside so it nicely clicks into the case. Once you’ve positioned it properly, you’ll see that the CandyShell leaves cutouts for ports, the back camera, and for the mute switch. This means that the volume buttons are covered, as well as the power button. I am happy to say that Speck did a good job with these coverings, since most cases fail to implement this design so the buttons become hard to reach. This is not the case with the CandyShell, where the buttons work just the way they should.

When it comes to protection, this case fulfills its role. On the outside there’s a plastic layer, which feels very firm and sturdy. Even though I really like its glossy finish, I am afraid that it will easily show small marks and scratches. As you can see from the pictures, these cases use the combination of rubber and plastic to absorb shocks, and all those small indentations are there to easily transmit the force and make it hard to reach your phone. This means that your phone will be well protected in most situations.

Still, I’ve found one problem that I believe will interest most people. As it turns out, the newest CandyShell doesn’t leave a generous opening around the Lightning port. This means that the original Apple-made cables will work, but other cables and accessories will have a problem reaching this port. This is something that many users will mind, since no one wants to buy a case which needs to be taken off every time you need to plug it into an accessory.


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