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PROS: Nicely designed case. Offers great protection. Features Gorilla Glass screen protector. CONS: Costs $125. The iPhone 5S users won’t be able to use Touch ID.

When it comes to heavily equipped rugged cases, there has never been a shortage of quality ones. These iPhone cases are designed to provide a full protection against almost any weather condition, small particles like dirt and dust, and they also protect your phone from hits and impacts. This is why these products are essential if you’re planning on using your phone outdoors and exposed to various potential damaging elements.

In this article we are going to take a look at one of the latest rugged cases by Lunatik, named Taktik Extreme. This product is priced at $125, which is a lot more than most iPhone cases, so I was very interested to see what features and functionalities are offered for this price.

Taktik Extreme 2

Once you take it out of its packaging, you’ll see several parts which need to be assembled, as well as a set of screws. As it turns out, the process of installation is fairly simple and more user friendly than with most rugged cases. You’ll need to place your iPhone 5/5S into the back plate, onto the rubber core which absorbs the impact force. Now carefully position the front plate, which comes with its own Gorilla Glass screen protector. Finally, simply screw-in provided screws and this should create a very strong and reliable connection between two plates around your phone. The Gorilla Glass screen protection seems like a perfect choice for rugged cases, which are designed to take big hits and to be tested against damaging elements on a daily basis. This is probably why the price of Taktik Extreme is so high, but it seems that you’ll get a quality made product for that price.

Once you’ve placed your phone inside the Taktik Extreme, it should be protected from almost any external damaging elements. It is water- and dust resistant, and successfully absorbs hits, so it will protect the phone even if you accidentally drop it. The Gorilla Glass screen protector is probably the best possible screen protection that doesn’t affect touch sensitivity, so most users are going to be very happy with it.

Taktik Extreme 3

Now a few words on its design characteristics. As you can expect from a rugged case, Taktik Extreme covers all ports and buttons on the phone. Audio and charging ports are sealed, and provide great protection from dirt and water. Also, all buttons are covered but they work as good as always, which means that designers took their time to fine-tune these details. In general, this is a nicely designed case, which is one of those attractive ones from this category. It comes in black and white editions.

In case you use the iPhone 5S, there are two things you need to know. This case comes with the proper opening for the dual-flash array, so you can use it like you normally would. On the other hand, since Taktik Extreme covers the Home button, you won’t be able to use its Touch ID feature, even though the button will be fully functional.


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