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PROS: Interesting design. Provides a full protection. Easy installation. CONS: Interesting, but not amazing design. Looks somewhat fragile for a rugged case.

In case you plan on using your iPhone 5 mostly outdoors, or simply if your lifestyle takes you on many adventures so you’re not able to take care of your phone properly, the best thing you can do is to purchase one of those extra strong and rugged cases. These cases are made to provide a full protection from any external elements including dirt and water, vibration, and shocks. This way you don’t have to be worried about keeping an eye on your phone at all times.

During the last couple of months we’ve had a chance of reviewing some of the most popular rugged cases like products from Defender Series by Otterbox, the Guardian case by driSuit, and the Hitcase Pro. Today we are going to take a look at one of the newest products by Case-Mate, which is a well-known manufacturer of iPhone cases and other iOS-compatible accessories. This a rugged case which offers extra strong protection, called Tough Extreme. It’s normally priced at $40, but currently you can find it for $25 on its official online store.

Tough Extreme 2

When it comes to Case-Mate, some of their cases are really nicely designed and I was mostly happy with the ones I’ve had a chance of reviewing. With Tough Extreme, this company tried to offer modern design that features vibrant colors, which is not something you usually see with rugged iPhone cases, which are usually bulky and heavy, and come in black or grey colors.

The process of installation is fairly simple. First you’ll need to place your iPhone into the front bezel protector, which comes with its own screen film. After your phone snapped into its place you’ll need to push it into the case, carefully and without any rush. Make sure that the phone is positioned properly and that all connections are secured, which will prevent dirt and water from penetrating into the case.

When it comes to design, I’ve seen more interesting products, but I’ve also seen those problematic ones. The Tough Extreme sits somewhere in the middle, since it’s nicely designed and doesn’t actually add a lot of bulk or weight, which is a great success for this product type.

When it comes to functionality, I am confident that Tough Extreme will protect your phone, even though its looks somewhat fragile in comparison to some rugged cases that I’ve reviewed recently. I assume that this case will protect your phone from dirt and water, even though it doesn’t really leave that impression. After all, Case-Mate says that this case exceeds U.S. military testing for hardware protection. With all this in mind, $40 seems like a very good deal, since most quality rugged cases are priced at $60 and up.

When it comes to Tough Extreme, I can give my general recommendation. This means that not everyone will be happy with this product, but what’s important is that it fulfills its promises in terms of functionality. Its affordable price is also one of its biggest selling points.


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