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PROS: Quality made and nicely designed. Provides the Lightning plug. Fast charging. CONS: Small design issues. s

In case you’re searching for a new battery pack for your iPhone, than you’ll be happy to hear that you can find a lot of helpful articles right here on MacReview. We took a look at numerous popular battery packs and uncovered their positive and negative sides, so you can easily get a clear picture of a product you’re interested in. In case you’ve got an iOS device with the Lightning connector, your choice of available models is going to be very narrow. This is mostly due to several restrictions made by Apple in terms of the Lightning plug which is why devices with these plugs are more expensive than their predecessors.

The good news is that in the last couple of months we’ve seen and reviewed several interesting battery packs made for the latest generation of iOS devices. They are usually a bit more expensive than their predecessors, but what you should know is that these battery packs are bringing the new Lightning plugs and much increased internal capacity in order to satisfy power-hungry iOS devices. In this article we’ll take a look at the newest battery pack made by Macally, which is the well-known maker of iOS- and OSX-compatible accessories and components.

Macally Battery Pack 3

The battery pack we’re about to review doesn’t have a specific name actually, and Macally is simply referring to this product as “5200mAh Portable Battery Charger”. You can also find it as “MBP52L” which should narrow down search results at Macally’s website in case you’d like more info on this product. It’s priced at $90, and is available now.

This battery pack is traditionally designed, which means that you can expected standard looking plastic block. On the other hand, there are several design characteristics that are telling you that this is an iOS-compatible product. For example, its silhouette and used materials are making it somewhat similar to the iPhone 5C, and there’s also nicely looking silver band that goes all around the edges. It’s also interesting to say that this is a typical Macally product, meaning that it’s quality made but doesn’t actually feel premium. Also, it doesn’t feel cheap either.

As you can see from the pictures, this battery pack comes with the Lightning plug that only extends up to 1.5” of length. Even though this might be limiting for some, I believe this is not a negative point since it’s always a good idea not to use your phone while it’s charging. What’s also important to say is that the provided Lightning plug is a bit wider than those I’ve seen before, so some cases might not be compatible with its width.

Macally Battery Pack 2

When it comes to performance and capacity, Macally stated that this is 5200mAh battery. In our tests, as well as from what I’ve seen around the web, this statement is true. This means that you expect to charge the iPhone 5 up to three times, and the same goes for the iPhone 5S/5C.

Even though you can find more affordable solutions which bring more capacity, you should know that this product also brings the Lightning plug which makes its price justified. It is quality made and offers fast charging, so this is a very good deal.


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