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PROS: Interesting design. Easy setup. CONS: Number of problems with design and functionality.

I am always interested in trying out new cases and docks for iPhones and iPads, since these products are sometimes a real showcases of a modern industrial design. The most successful cases and docks use minimalistic design, which is something that users appreciate. This is as expected since iPhones and iPads are minimalistic as well, and this kind of design principles became mainstream thanks to Apple.

When it comes to docks and cases, these are very small objects so designers don’t have a large space onto which they can paint and mold their creative ideas. That’s why it’s so interesting to review these products, and especially those by startup companies who try their best to bring something new and innovative.

Alloy 5 Case 2

In case you like browsing Kickstarter for interesting products, than maybe you’ve had a chance of seeing some interesting work by Karas Kustoms. This company is specialized in creating products which feature very raw industrial design, and they know how to present a very interesting idea and design, even though not all of their projects get a needed funding.

In this article we are going to talk about one of the latest products by Karas Kustoms, and that’s Alloy 5 case. This product is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S, and it’s priced at $55.

Just like the rest of the products designed by this company, Alloy 5 also features a very raw industrial design. In many ways it shares the same design philosophy with the iPhone 5, but it interprets it in a completely different way. This means that Alloy 5 is a quality made case, which features very strong and durable materials, it’s minimalistic and functional, but it brings sharp edges and strong lines which are in contrast to iPhone’s gentle curves.

This case actually holds you phone by having two plates which are connected using screws, so your phone will fit inside this metal frame and it will firmly keep it in its place. It doesn’t add a lot of weight and bulk, even though it will take several days for you to get accustomed to a new grip. This case is extruded over its back and front, so this will keep your iPhone somewhat protected. As you can see from the pictures, the screen and the back plate are fully exposed, so they might get scratched if you’re not careful with your phone.

Even though Alloy 5 seems like a good idea, there are two main problems with this case. First, it provides you only with a partial protection, so you’ll need to be careful not to scratch the screen or the back plate. Also, this case leaves openings for ports and buttons which are nicely designed, but which attract dirt easily. You’ll need to wipe these openings on a daily basis to avoid accumulation of dirt which is easily visible on a white Alloy 5 case.

At the end, it could be said that Alloy 5 brings a nice looking design and pleasurable aesthetics. But this comes with a price, since it doesn’t fulfill its protective role and there are also other annoyances that I’ve previously explained. That’s why I believe that you’ll be able to find a better solution for a price of $55.


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