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PROS: Interesting idea. CONS: Bugs and glitches. Limited in many ways. Overpriced.

When it comes to journaling apps, in most cases users fail to recognize their value. These applications are made to help you become more productive, by giving you tools to instantly capture your thoughts and ideas, so you can easily review them later. On the other hand, some users might be better off with those standard to-do applications which are more goal oriented.

During the last year you’ve had the chance of reading several reviews of digital journaling tools, and you can still find reviews of Day One, GoodDay, My Wonderful Days and so on. If you still haven’t found the right application, in today’s article you’ll get a chance to read about a small application named Bits.

Bits 1

Just like its name says, Bits is a fairly small application and not just in its size. It comes with only one role, and that’s to allow you to keep track of your thoughts and write them down instantly. Its interface is also fairly small, and it resembles iChat’s vertical-oriented window. Even though I usually like minimalistic applications, there’s a certain feeling about Bits that it needs more work, or differently said – its interface seems unfinished. For example, once you open this journal for the first time, you’ll get a chance to choose where you’d like to store its archive file and you can even choose iCloud as yet another place to save a backup. Naturally, if there’s an export option you expect import option to be present as well, but this is not the case with Bits which is unable to import any existing file. People who like to use applications like this one tend to have a lot of already written entries, so by not having an import option this application is giving us a large obstacle right at the beginning.

Once you get to its main window, you’ll see a small vertical-oriented stack of entries (which is going to be empty at first), with a toolbar on the top. This is where you can choose to see all your entries, your tags, or to start writing a new note. The main window will also give you option to search, so you’ve basically got two ways to narrow down entries of interest.

When it comes to writing new entries, all you have to do is to click on a button which will make a new pop-up appear, which is where you can enter your note. You’ll be able to insert images simply by dropping them onto this pop-up, and Bits will also tell you that you can use some basic Markdown syntax. Even though I am using Markdown almost on a daily basis, I’ve had some issues with this kind of implementation, so I am not sure if this is a bug or some kind of very limited and basic Markdown which is poorly implemented.

In general, I can see an idea behind this application and I believe that this idea is very interesting and promising. However, final product is less than functional and seems very limited in many of its aspects. Also, it comes priced at $10 which is way too much for its current state.


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