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PROS: Very easy to set up. Lots of great and helpful features. Affordable. CONS: None.

Many of us are relying heavily on some kind of cloud storage solution. There are numerous companies who are trying to offer the best possible deal in terms of offered storage space and additional features, so today users can choose from several very competitive offers. Still, one of the most popular cloud storage solutions is Dropbox, which has been around since the beginning of cloud synchronization technologies.

In case you’re using Dropbox to keep all your files in sync, than you’ve probably got its OSX and iOS applications. Of course, there are versions for other operating systems in case you use additional ones.When it comes to Dropbox for iOS, I believe that power users are not very happy with it. Sure, this application allows you to view files that you’ve saved in the cloud, but it’s limited in many ways. That’s why there are some very interesting 3rd party solutions, and in this article we’ll be taking a look at one of those.

Boxie 2

Boxie is an iOS application designed to replace native Dropbox’s iOS app. This is not a simple goal to achieve, so I was very interested in trying out this application. Boxie can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for $3.

After you open Boxie for the first time you’ll be asked to enter your credentials. In case you don’t have a Dropbox account, this is where you can create a new one. If you’ve got the official Dropbox for iOS installed, you can also use this app to authorize Boxie to access your files. After you’ve logged in you’ll see a tutorial which explains some of the basic controls, as well as some of those hidden ones. I recommend going through this tutorial since it will take only a few moments of your time, and you’ll learn something useful.

Boxie 1

After you’ve reached to main page of Boxie you’ll receive a new in-app notification telling you that your account is ready to be used. This notification is going to be shown as a green bar and it will pop up every time you make a change, so by tapping on it you’ll undo a certain action, while swiping will move it away. You can also review all notifications from the main menu, so you’ll completely delete them.

Even though Boxie resembles Dropbox’s original app, there are numerous advantages and differences. For example, by using Boxie you can easily move files simply by dragging them into folders. Also, you’ll get to see when each file was uploaded and if there were any previous versions, so you can easily revert to a file which was uploaded sometime in the past. Another very useful feature is ability to open and look inside ZIP archives, which is something that Dropbox isn’t allowing you. You can look inside ZIP archives, open files, and even move those files to a different directory in the cloud. And in case you’ve got some very important files, you can make them your favorites, so they’ll be downloaded for offline viewing.

In case you’re heavily relying on Dropbox to upload and share files, than I would warmly recommend using Boxie. For only $3 you’ll get plenty of advanced features which are not available in the original Dropbox app.



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