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PROS: Quality made and interestingly designed. Rugged, yet stylish. Premium materials. CONS: High priced. Can be used only to carry your notebook and a few accessories.

In case you like those retro leather cases for tablets and notebooks, than you’ve probably heard about a company called Watefield Design, based in San Francisco. This company is known for their classic designs, high quality materials, and use of genuine leather. Even though their product lineup is very large, today we are going to focus on their latest addition to a lineup of notebook sleeves.

If you own a MacBook and you’re into leather cases, than continue reading this article since we will tell you more about a product named CitySlicker Sleeve, designed and made by Waterfield Design. This case is made for MacBook Air (11- and 13-inch models), and MacBook Pro (13- and 15-inch models). This means that the price of this sleeve starts from $129, while the biggest model is priced at $149.

CitySlicker MacBook Air Case - Interior Pockets

If you love that old retro design, and if you’re a fan of genuine leather, that you’ll surely love CitySlicker. On the outside this is a classically designed notebook case, which features a large flap, made of hard leather, with two small but very firm magnetic buttons on the bottom. Once you open the flap you’ll see a neoprene inner piece which features several small pockets, and right bellow is the large pocket for your notebook.

As I’ve said, CitySlicker Sleeve comes with a large neoprene liner which is padded as well. On the inside you’ll find impact-resistant hard plastic which is there to protect your notebook. This is something that most users will appreciate, since this plastic layer gives stability to this whole construction and plays a crucial role in protecting your computer. In fact, this is probably one of the best protections that you can find in notebook sleeves/bags, and I was impressed by it.

CitySlicker comes with several pockets, so you can place other devices and cables, and carry them around. Once you open a large leather flap you’ll find several pockets which range in sizes. There’s a small pocket for pens, and others can be used to hold an adapter, one or two USB cables, and even your iPhone as well. On the back side of CitySlicker you’ll find a large pocket which is called “magazine pocket”, but besides placing a magazine you can also place your iPad, which is yet another interesting feature.

There are a lot of things to love about CitySlicker, and I was pleasantly surprised by many of its features. But even though I really like how snugly and protected my notebook inside this bag is, it seems that CitySlicker doesn’t allow you to carry anything more than your notebook. This is not a major downside, but this is something I needed to say since some people like notebook cases which are multifunctional. Also, CitySlicker is a sleeve, which means that it’s made to be held under your arm. In case you’d like to carry it as a standard bag, there’s an option to purchase a shoulder strap, but this also means an additional expense.


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