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PROS: Very easy to use, yet very feature-rich. Nicely designed UI. Making a tiresome process as easy and effortless as possible. CONS: None.

In case you’re a long-term Mac user, than you probably know all about DMG files and their possible uses. Before OSX App Store came into play, all OSX applications that you downloaded from the web came as DMG files, which are mountable images that open up and allow you to copy installation file(s) into your Applications folder. Even today there are many developers who are avoiding OSX App Store for some reasons, so if you download Skype or Dropbox (to give you a few nice examples) you’ll get to use their own nicely designed DMG files.

Even though average home users don’t have that much use from creating their own DMG files, most developers could greatly benefit from such an application. For many the first choice is OSX’s Disk Utility, which gives you a very tiresome process of creating a new DMG files and lacks some additional features that could be put to a good use. That’s why in this article you’ll get a chance to read about DropDMG, which is a third party DMG file creator.

DropDMG 1

To give you an example of a nicely designed DMG mountable file, let’s say that you downloaded Dropbox for OSX and that you’ve mounted that file. What you’ll see is a nice blue background, with some interesting graphics and there’s Dropbox app in the middle of that window. Well, DropDMG can help you create all of this, even if don’t have any knowledge of advanced scripting or anything like that. Now let’s see how this application works.

Once you open DropDMG for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a fairly known interface. In its very basic functionality, this application will allow you drag-and-drop a bunch of folders and files, and simply generate a disk image. If you’re willing to make a bit more advanced and nicely designed image, than you can use Layouts feature, to open up a WYSIWYG editor. You’ll be able to choose how large that DMG window is going to be, and then you can add a background, text, icons positions, and similar stuff. It even allows you to create a license agreement in multiple languages.

DropDMG 3

After you’ve spent a lot of time making sure that your future DMG image will look and behave a certain way, you can save all these settings as a New Configuration. This way, once you decide to post an update to your app (for example), you can easily create a new DMG with all those settings already there.

I’ve explained possibly the best feature that you can find in DropDMG, but there are many more to explore. For example, you can burn DMG files to CDs and DVDs, encrypt your DMG files with 128-bit and 245-bit AES encryption, or create a device image clone.

DropDMG can be downloaded from its official website, and you can try it for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to purchase a license that’s priced at $24, which still seems like a very good deal.


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