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PROS: Simple and nicely designed UI. Very easy to use. Able of achieving great results. Plenty of helpful tools. CONS: iPhone and iPad versions need to be purchased separately.

As you probably know, you can use some of the best designed and most effective image editors right on your iOS device. In fact, if you take a look at the iOS App Store you’ll probably see hundreds of different image editors, where some of them can successfully compete against complex desktop solutions. The best thing about these apps is that they usually cost only a few dollars, so you can download and use them just for fun, even if you’re not a photography enthusiast.

If you like to browse the iOS App Store, than you’ve probably seen an application named Facetune. If nothing, you must have noticed its nicely designed and interestingly looking icon. If you don’t know what this application does, or if you do know but haven’t tried it yet than keeping reading this article.

Facetune is an iOS app used to retouch images of the human face with just a few simple taps and swipes. This is one of those image editors which come specialized in one role, and I might also add that Facetune is the prime example of this application type. Now let’s see how this application works and what kind of features you can expect.

Facetune scr1

Once you open Facetune you’ll be asked to import an image. This application works best with high-resolution photos, so in case you import a low-resolution one you’ll receive a warning. When it comes to its UI, this is one of those minimalistic apps, which usually works very well with photo editors. By using minimalistic design principles and soft colors, you can actually focus on your photo which is the primary role of every photo editor. Facetune is doing a good job of providing you the most user-friendly and distraction-free environment.

Now, let’s see how this application works and how effective it is. After you import a photo you’ll get a standard set of tools, but you can easily switch between different modes. First you’ll need to pick a tool, and then you can choose the size and strength of the application brush. Now simply zoom-in and swipe over an area that you’d like to improve and see how the magic happens. You’ll be able to use numerous tools using which you can enhance skin quality, create bright and shining teeth, remove dark circles around eyes, eliminate wrinkles, blemishes and scars, and so much more. You can also apply different frames, effects, and light presets.

It’s amazing how effective and easy to use Facetune is. It will take some time until you learn to add subtle details which are able of creating amazing effects, without looking overly edited. And with those numerous tools and controls, you’ll surely spend a lot of time playing around and trying each of those. The only thing that I didn’t like is that Facetune is not a universal app, so it comes in two editions: one made for iPhone ($3), and the other one made for iPad ($4).


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