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PROS: Very interesting RSS reader. Nicely designed, easy on eyes. Makes you stay on top of your RSS feeds. CONS: Annual subscription will turn off some potential users.

When it comes to RSS feeds, perhaps they are not so popular as a few years back, but they are still a great way to catch up on the latest information. We all have our own bookmarks of websites that we visit several times a day, and it seems that quality web content is going to be even easier to find in the future. This means that there’s still hope for RSS feeds and their re-implementation into our everyday lives, which is something that I will be happy to see.

I’ve got my own preferred RSS reader on my iPhone and there’s its desktop version as well, which allows me to stay in the loop no matter what device I am currently using. I am always happy to try out new solutions, since even those small details and tweaks can have a large impact onto how a certain RSS client behaves and how productive it allows you to be.

Feed Wrangler 2

In this article we are going to review Feed Wrangler, which is one of those RSS clients that captured everyone’s attention a while back. After Google had shut down its Reader, many users were searching for a new solution, and this is when Feed Wrangler became popular. You can find this application in the iOS App Store and download it for free, but this RSS reader relies on revenue from annual subscriptions which are priced at $19. Perhaps this sounds like a lot for a simple RSS reader, but I believe that this is good deal if you really care about your RSS feeds and if this is going to be an application that you’ll use on a regular basis.

The newest version of Feed Wrangler (version 1.1) brought iOS7 compatibility and this included interface design overhaul, so this is now one of those applications which feature flat design principles. In order to fill it up with content, you’ll need to bring your own collection. If you were a Google Reader user, than you can use the OPML file from Google Takeout, so you can have your collection transferred in no time. Of course, you can always start fresh if you don’t feel like importing your existing collection. Also, upon the first start-up you’ll see a well-known 1Password icon, so you can save your Feed Wrangler credentials within this vault, and sign-in by tapping on the 1Password icon.

Feed Wrangler will show four main categories of your RSS feeds: Unread, All Feeds, Starred, and Smart Streams. All of those are pretty much self-explanatory, expect Smart Streams. This feature allows you set up a custom RSS feeds based on a search query combined with a specific feed channels. For example, you can choose “MacReview” as a channel and terms like “iPhone Cases” so you can see all our reviews of iPhone cases. Of course, you can use more than one channel, which makes this feature very interesting and useful.

What you also need to know is that the annual subscription includes Feed Wrangler for iOS (iPhone/iPad), and access to its web interface. OSX desktop application is currently in the works, and should be available soon.



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