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PROS: One of the most capable activity trackers. Nicely designed, comfortable to wear. CONS: None really.

In case you’re one of those individuals who really wants to start taking care about their body and health, but somehow always lacks crucial motivation, than your iPhone can help you with this problem. It’s a well-known fact that if you can visualize your progress and keep track of your performance, than you’ll get much needed motivation to continue with your efforts. This also goes for exercising and keeping track of your daily activity, and that’s why you can find some great iOS-compatible fitness trackers.

You can already find several interesting reviews right here on MacReview, which are there to help you learn more about trackers like Jawbone Up, BodyMedia Fit Core, and Nike+ FuelBand which are all very popular products. What’s important to know is that even though all of these activity trackers are designed with the same goal in mind, they all work a little bit differently and they come with some unique features. This means that you’ll need to take some time researching and finding out which tracker will fit your everyday habits the best.

Fitbit Force 4

We also reviewed Firbit’s One, which received a very good rating. Today we are going to tell you about the newest generation for Fitbit’s activity trackers, which is named Fitbit Force ($130). This product comes as a successor to Fitbit Flex which was popular and successful product, but which came with some downsides and issues.

When you take a look at the Fitbit Force you’ll see that it clearly resembles its previous generation, but brings larger display and a button on the left side. Also, this one comes with only one silicone band, so you’ll need to choose which size will fit you the best before making a purchase. You can always buy additional bands (in different colors as well), since the tracker can be removed and placed inside any of them. You’ll also receive the USB charger, which needs to be plugged into the back of the tracker. It’s interesting to say that this tracker features 11-days long battery life, which has proven to be true in practice.

Fitbit Force 2

The biggest change that came with this generation is the new OLED display. Now you’ll be able to see the time if you press the button only once. If you continue pressing you’ll see other information like steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed, and total time spent active. It can also show if you’ve got any alarms set-up. If you want to measure you sleep patterns, you’ll need to hold down the button for a few seconds, which will bring out the timer which tracks your sleeFitbit Force 3p.

When it comes to functionality it’s clear that Fitbit Force is one of the most comprehensive activity trackers. You’ll be surely amazed by how many information this little device can take and calculate, and how precise they are. I’ve tried many activity trackers in the past and I’ve seen that most of them are created for a specific type of fitness activity, but Fitbit Force seems like the first comprehensive everyday activity tracker.

Finally, it needs to be said that Fitbit Force syncs to your iPhone via Bluetooth, but you can also use its online interface in case you need to fully research your performance. With the release of Force, a new version of Fitbit’s iOS app was released, so now it’s fully iOS7 compatible. This application allows you to review all of the collected data, and presents information in a very clear and visually pleasing manner. You’ll be able to see your daily progress or to review you weekly and monthly results. There’s also a tab where you can see your friends and their achievements as well.


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