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PROS: One of the most capable activity trackers. Nicely designed, comfortable to wear. CONS: None really.

Apart from being able of browsing the web, playing games, video chatting, and checking e-mails you can also use your iPhone in almost any imaginable everyday situation. This can be done thanks to numerous developers who are working hard on bringing interesting and original applications to the iOS App Store, and there are currently over one billion apps to choose from.

Today we are going to talk about one of those iOS applications that are designed to help you control your monthly budget, and to give you an overview of your financial situation. This app is called Funds, and you can download it from the iOS App Store for only $1.

Funds 2

When it comes to applications designed to help you overview your finances, there are two main kinds. One of those are complex applications made for OSX and iOS, designed to completely take over the control of your money flow. Even though these applications can be tremendously helpful, they are usually not that easy to use, and require a lot of time and dedication. On the other hand, there’s a simple kind, and those are apps which come with only one of two roles and are very easy to use. As you’ll see, Funds is the simple kind.

After you open Funds for the first time you’ll see a very simple and stripped down interface. It works nicely with the overall iOS7 feeling, and features flat design and elegant fonts. In order to start using this app you’ll need to input your income and expenses, so Funds can do the calculations and show your monthly savings.

This application is incredibly easy to use. The first thing you’ll need to do is to input your income. You’ll be able to add as many entries as you’d like, just like with any to-do iOS app. There are no financial categories to choose from or online sign-ups, since you’ll do this completely manually. Next, you’ll need to add expenses, and you can also input as many entries as you need. When it comes to these entries, you can choose if they happen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, or even annually.

After you’ve entered all your income entries and expenses, you’ll get to see your savings on a monthly basis. You can swipe right over any of these entries to delete them, or swipe left to see what percentage is being allocated to that particular entry. Also, you can find visual representation of your financial situation in the menu, which shows a nicely designed and elegant graph view. That’s pretty much everything that you can do with this application.

Funds doesn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking to a world of iOS apps. In fact, you can calculate you savings on a piece of paper in a very short time, even if you’re terrible at math. Funds makes this job just a little bit easier and more fun to do, so I guess that most of us won’t mind spending $1 on this application.


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