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PROS: Nicely designed and quality made. Offers great protection role. CONS: Cutout for the camera is a little bit larger than necessary.

Tech21 is a British company known for some very interesting and original iPhone accessories. In the past we’ve had the chance of reviewing one of their products named the Impact Band, which is a protective case for the iPhone 5, and which comes with security bands included, designed to enhance the protection. We were quite happy with this product, and it received 4.5/5 rating. In today’s article we are going to take a look at the newest product by Tech21, which is also an iPhone case.

The Impact Trio case features very interesting design, which keeps things simple and brings only a dash of a color. This is a classic shell case, made for iPhone 5/5S, and comes priced at $35.

Before continuing with this review, I need to say that MacReview recently brought an article of CandyShell case (made by Speck) which is quite similar to this one. Their prices are also the same, which makes me believe that these two shell cases are in a direct competition, and most users would like to see a comparison of these products.

Impact Trio 1

When it comes to design, the Impact Trio case doesn’t bring anything new or revolutionary. Still, this is a quality made product, and it’s also clear that designers at Tech21 spent some time making sure that every aspect of this case is nicely designed and properly working. Thanks to its smooth lines, this case feels very nice in hand, and thanks to its lightness you won’t even notice that it’s there. Also, you can choose from three color combinations: black/grey, white/blue, and purple/blue.

Just like with Speck’s CandyShell Case, this case also brings the protective band on its front side which is also just a little bit extruded over the edges, in order to protect the screen. The back side is very simple, and you’ll be able to see a cutout for the camera. It’s also important to note that the Impact Trio comes with its own rubber buttons, which work quite good and there’s no adjustment period needed. There are also cutouts for all the ports and the mute switch as well.

In comparison to Speck’s CandyShell, this case brings a little toned down design and calmer colors. There are only three color combinations to choose from, but all three look great with white or black iPhones. Also, both of these cases are very quality made, and offer great protective role. It is also important to say that both products are very light and they don’t bring a lot of bulk either.

The main difference between Speck’s CandyShell and the Impact Trio is in their finishing layer, which is more important than you probably think. The latter one doesn’t bring as polished or as shiny plastic as the first one, which means that it won’t easily attract scratches and will retain its new look for a while. What I also liked about the Impact Trio is that it brings shock absorbent material named D30, which could be seen inside this case, and which is yet another additional plus.


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