Incipio Watson for iPhone 5C
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PROS: Quality made product. Comes with removable hard shell case. A lot of interesting small details. CONS: None really.

As you probably know, Incipio is the well-known manufacturer of iPhone cases, laptop bags, and some other iOS and OSX compatible accessories. In the last couple of weeks we took a look at two products made by this company, and those were Fixie and LGND, a tablet and a case both made for the iPad. Today we’ll be taking a look at their latest product, which is a case made for the newly released iPhone 5C.

The case we’re about to review is called the Watson. Before continuing with this review, a few things need to be said. As it turns out, Incipio released two Watson cases, where one of them is compatible with the iPhone 5C and there’s also the one which is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S. Even though these two products carry the same name, and they are also similarly designed, there are some differences which are making both of these products unique. In other words, this article is related only to the Watson case for the iPhone 5C, while we’ll review the other version in the next few weeks.

Incipio Watson 5C 1

The Watson case is priced at $45, and this is actually a flip-style walled case. What’s interesting about this product is that is comes with its own hard shell case into which your iPhone 5C needs to be placed. This means that you’ll get a hard shell case which can be easily attached to a flip-style cover. If you take a look at the Watson case without the provided plastic shell case, you’ll see that there’s a plastic back plate, which comes with inlaid vegan leather. There are six plastic hinges which are there to offer very firm connection to the hard shell case, so when you place it you won’t have to worry about stability or security. The vegan leather is actually a strip which connects a plastic back plate with the front cover. The cover is also made of plastic, but it’s completely covered in faux leather which feels very nice in hand. Actually, on the inside of this cover you’ll see that it’s lined with microfiber which takes proper care of the touchscreen.

Since this is the wallet case, you’ll get to use three small pockets which are large enough for three credit cards. You can also place some cash, or even a key. What I liked about this case is that is comes with an elastic band which holds its shut, and as it turns out this is one of the most secure ways of keeping your credit cards from moving from inside the case.

The best thing about this case are details, since it’s clear that designers were willing to pay attention to almost every aspect of design and functionality. For example, the hard shell case comes with nicely designed cutouts and button covers which work very well. Also, the stitching is very quality made, and I really liked that elastic band that gets out of the way but keeps the credit cards somewhat protected.

In case you’re looking for a new wallet case for your iPhone 5C, I would certainly recommend the Watson case. For $45 it brings a lot, and it is quality made as well.



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