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PROS: Nicely designed UI, streamlined and clean. Very useful application. CONS: Takes time until you learn all of its tricks. Needs interested and invested user to fully unlock its potential.

After the launch of iOS7 which brought completely overhauled interface, many iOS applications went through the same process. Those shiny and flashy icons don’t belong on your home screen anymore, and these are replaced by pastel colors, gentle tones and simplified graphics.

A few days back we’ve reviewed an application called Perfect Weather, which was one of the top selling applications right after Apple’s iOS7 was released. This is because Perfect Weather showed how interesting and fun new iOS interface design can be, and it perfectly showcased some of the most important flat design principles. This application left a very positive impression on us, so I am happy to say that in this article we are going to take a look at another application made by the same developer called Contrast. This application is named Launch Center Pro, and could be downloaded from the iOS App Store for $5.

Launch Center Pro 1

Actually, Launch Center Pro isn’t a new application since it has been around for quite some time. However, we are reviewing its second major version which is completely free for existing users. This version brought a completely overhauled interface, as well as some new features which we are about to explain.

Launch Center Pro is designed to offer you shortcuts to a specific actions inside different iOS applications, and this can be very useful if you’re using a lot of iOS apps throughout the day. This way you can avoid several taps that you always need to make in order to start a blank document for example. This application also supports scheduled actions, so you’ll receive a push notification that’s going to appear on your lock screen which is yet another interesting way to cut a few taps that you would normally need.

Launch Center Pro is one of those very interesting and usable applications that need some time and investment in order to start fully producing results. This means that you’ll need to set up specific actions inside iOS applications that you use the most. For example, if you need to have a shortcut to a search function inside several iOS apps like Google, Wikipedia, Yelp, 1Password and others, than you’ll need to create your own search action inside Launch Center Pro and tie all these applications to that specific action. Even though this might sound a bit complicated, in practice this is very simple and most users won’t have any problems or issues with this process.

What’s interesting about this application is that it’s certainly not one of those essential iOS apps, and I also believe that many potential users won’t fully understand its features. Also, it takes a very creative and invested user to unlock the full potential of Launch Center Pro, and for these users the price of $5 is a great deal.

At the end of this article, a few more pieces of information. Launch Center Pro (2.0) is free for existing users, and they can download a new update right now and use a couple of new features like Dropbox backups, actions sharing, and new themes. Also, Contrast is expected to bring iPad-compatible version later this year.


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