LifeProof Nuud for iPad Mini
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PROS: Very quality made. Easy and effortless installation. Offers amazing protection, one of the best. CONS: None really.

A few months ago we brought you a review of LifeProof Fre for iPad Mini, which is one of the most secure all-around cases for your iOS tablet. In case you’ve ever searched for an outdoor-ready case, you must have seen a series of LifeProof cases which are available for various iOS devices and which all look very rugged and rough. We were very happy with the product we initially reviewed back in July, and gave it a perfect score of 5/5. Today we are going to take a look at its successor, named LifeProof Nuud.

In case you know about LifeProof cases, than you probably know that series named Fre always comes with the screen protection, and a few months later another similar case is being unveiled, which is always named Nuud and comes without the screen protection. This is the case with this Nuud as well, which is also made for the iPad Mini. You can purchase it for $120, which is $20 more than previously mentioned Fre.

LifeProof Nuud 3

On a first look it seems that Fre and Nuud are the same case, but if you pay attention to details you’ll see some important differences. The new Nuud case is easy to install as ever, and you’ll receive the front frame and the back shell which snap together with your iPad Mini placed in the middle. The back plate is rubberized, which means that your tablet will be well protected in case of accidental drop. What’s important to notice is that Fre doesn’t bring a lot of bulk for an outdoors-ready rugged case, and feels surprisingly light as well. It will take just a moment to assemble the case, which is designed to offer protection from all kinds of external elements like water, dirt, shocks, and almost anything you can imagine.

LifeProof Nuud 2

In order to keep your tablet waterproof, Fre features protection for all ports and buttons. Even the microphone and the speaker are protected thanks to a special mesh which are covering these openings. The back-positioned iSight camera is protected using a glass cover, while the Lighting port uses a flip-open rubber tip which can be also used as a locking mechanism. LifeProof is known for creating cases which offer very reliable protection, and with the newest Nuud for iPad Mini this hasn’t changed a bit.

Once of the things which are unique to Nuud is that the screen is left exposed. This case is made for those who are not willing to adjust to those hard screen protectors which are usually interfering with the touch controls. This way you’ll get fully exposed touchscreen, ready to be used as always. What’s important to say here is that even while the screen is exposed, there’s an airtight seal that goes all the way around which means that the tablet is protected at all times. I guess that some people will like this setup, but those who would like to keep their tablets completely inside the case should look at Fre.



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